Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day FOUR January

Our source of heat in the winter!

Hi There,

Today, the beginning of Day Five I notice I am starting to feel like "this is just the way it is". There is less interest in other people's food ( I do all the cooking for the farm crew here) and I am settling in to JUICING as a way of life. It is really cold on the farm so lots of cold juices just isn't really appealing, so I add in hot apple and ginger juice, hot herbal teas with citrus, room temp kombucha (which I make) and then I take LOTS of Chlorella ( it is available on our web site and E3Live. Find out what works for you and create your program. We have also added in two nights a week of Bikram Yoga which really helps with the "cold to the bones" feeling of winter, mostly living out of doors.
What is working for you?
I am also being challenged right now with our grand daughter, I so don't want to upset her and yet sometimes I just have to say "no", which is not her favorite word. I can see that if I could have it my way I would avoid upsets (and probably do). I just want to reason or talk things through into workability and that isn't always possible with a 4 year old!
What are you seeing, what are you learning, how are you being stretched?
Thanks for being here, I so appreciate all of you sharing, no matter where you are.


kris said...

Haha! What you are experiencing with your 4 year old is the same with a 16 year old!!! :D It's a way of life for me to live with the stress of the "No" in my face and the ensuing consequences that occur. I've never thought about it much, but I think 16 year olds and 4 year olds have much in common!!!
Day 4 was much better for me, like turning a corner. I felt great, the emotions were calm and serene, and I began to feel lighter. I was still quite hungry (hunger has really been an issue for me), so I did find myself eating dried persimmons again last night. It is a challenge to pack the juices and almond milk when I travel during the day, like today. But that is my plan. I'm telling myself I only have to do this for two more days...the packing it all, that is. Someone needs to invent a really good smoothie/juice travel mug-thingy!
I love learning what your food choices are, Terces. Thank you for sharing them. And thank you for this juice fast and the blog and sharing yourself with us and everyone who shares themselves here as well. It's really helping me feel part of a community!

Kathy said...

I would like to hear more about eating raw and cooking for others. I cook for my husband and three of my kids who still live at home. I've been trying to switch to a raw food diet for a few months and I find it difficult to cook a meal for them and prepare something for myself. I'm often tempted by the smells of the food I'm cooking, especially if it's been one of my favorites in the past. It's also a challenge to plan a weekly menu for them as I want to fix food that appeals to them but those are the same foods that I miss eating. Yes, my new raw food dishes are yummy but with the daily temptation of preparing cooked foods it's difficult to stick to my plan to eat raw.