Monday, July 5, 2010


Good Morning,

I love it when you share about feeling closer to nature, that is how it is for me too. I feel so full of life, so clear on my feelings, so willing to shift my attention to what I love instead of it running by default into some un empowering story! How about you?
What are you noticing?
We leave for Mexico on Wednesday so I realize I will be breaking my fast while traveling and staying with indigenous people way in the Sierras.... this will be a new experience!
Today I felt a bit nauseous, not really sure what it is, so am adding some avocado to my green juice and having some extra wheatgrass, that will either take me over the edge or heal me!
Keep supporting yourself by doing and being "nice" to yourself. Be kind!
Share with us all, it makes a difference for you and for me.
I love you.


Tanya Harmon said...

Hmmm, wheatgrass usually makes me feel nauseous ;o) Good luck with that!

I'd so like to thank you for your support with this cleanse. My "not good enough" wound is trying to tell me that I shouldn't comment because today is my first "real" day in the club. The first 4 days this month, were treated as a cleanse with smoothies, fruit and salad (and yes, I admit it, a handful of nuts with chocolate chips). So today is the first of my three day juice fast. But, I'm deciding in this moment not to listen to the not good enough voice. It feels more important to express my gratitude to you for starting this wonderful club and for the Question of the Day and for Sacred Commerce. So, THANK YOU!

My husband and I camped on Saturday night with our cooler full of watermelon, bananas and oranges. No muss, no fuss. We enjoyed an easy hike in the forest to a beautiful waterfall. As we walked, we talked about things near to our heart -- what we are proud of, what our hopes for ourselves and for others are, what we aspire to become. It was beautiful. When we reached the waterfall, we saw our initials carved into a log T+T, as if the fall had been waiting for us. It was magical.

I have been clearing everyday with a girlfriend and am feeling more peaceful than I have in a very long time.

I love that this and the next two days will be juice and that next month will be an opportunity for another7 days. I am happy to have someone to share the path with.

Thank you for being here and inviting us along!

lauren said...

Hope your trip is fantastic, may the indigenous knowledge pour into you.I am seeing your lungs clear, clean and happily transforming air into life force for you. I'm on my fast for another 4 days! Thanks for your assistance. And a hello to all my fellow happy juicers out there. O.k., not happy? You will be. Life is a great up and down. Change definitely happens right?