Friday, July 2, 2010


Hi There,

I went to the Doctor today to have my lungs checked out, just can't seem to breath as powerfully as I always have and no herbal remedies are working any further than they already have. The xray does show some abnormalities and now I just wait for the report. I make up, there is some infection I just can't clear up. Anyway, I was SO HAPPY I WAS JUICING, cause I drove all the way into the city in 4th of July weekend traffic and since I was juicing he was able to do the blood work! Yeah! Also I noticed on the way home where it took over 3 hours instead of the usual 1, I wasn't impatient, I actually enjoyed the time with my thought, the radio and the warmth of the sun. It wouldn't have been my experience otherwise, I am sure! How about you? What are you noticing in your life? How is JUICING, CLEANSING making a difference? Tonight I was closing up the chickens and Matthew and I were walking around the farm and I shared with him that I "feel comfortable in my own body", that is such a good feeling!
I can so easily find fault with myself and it just isn't what is capturing my attention any longer! The consistency over time, being my word each month and not taking myself too seriously is wonderful.
When I was stuck in traffic today I pulled into a Jamba Juice and ordered Wheatgrass juice and was SO THANKFUL!
Love you all.


Kristina said...

Good morning . Drank to much greens yesterday and my body could not digest it so well .Hard not to go with my kravings but they passed. Enyoyed a movie last night and took a smothie this morning with grapefruit and lots of weeds. Feel good now and time for yoga. I like the juice better but smothie is less intense for me. Slowly my body is getting use to the amount of greens and it feels like it is design for that diet.
I got into raw food 15 years ago when i lived in SF. It did not work for me then becourse i did not have enough information how and listened to the wrong people . So I stopped.
This winter I had a client a nine year old with serious diabetes 1 . When I communicated to her body it was clear she was not able to break down cooked food and needed a all raw diet. Supprised i communicated to my own body to see what it looked like to need a cooked diet and even more supprised my body told me "finally you are getting it" . I need a raw diet also and do not bennifit from any cooked food. From that minute I changed my diet even though it was snow everywere and so cold and it did not make sense to me but i always trust my body. I really liked this way of living and will stay with it forever what I know.
I was thinking today we could just do this for a very long time - A beautifull group of support juicing forever....

Leta said...

Good morning, I need some guidance as to how to stay satiated through this process of juicing for one week. I have all the essentials but am so new to this that I just want to chew and feel full. any books or websites to help me through will be greatly appreciated.
have a great day and Happy Fourth Of July!

Anie said...

I am actually DRINKING all the inspirational words that Terces is saying in her mails.
WOW - how can she look directly in my soul? Am I not alone with all that self-defeating behaviour?? At least around myself I don't seem to see anyone doing this.
Thanks for being soooo uplifting. I really is a spirit-boost I keep on working on
Melanie - a German in Italy

Terces said...

Hi everyone,
Let's see, first of all, YES to trusting your body, no matter what it says! that is the first step to truly regaining your health, thank you for bringing that up.
next to stay satiated throughout the day, drink, drink, drink, do not let yourself get too hungry. Add avocado to a green juice, or berries to a smoothie and let yourself chew the seeds... And if you really want to chew on something while you break yourself in to juicing,eat SPROUTS!
really it is more of a habit, once you keep going the cravings and desires to eat will subside. trust yourself. if you are going to eat then choose, veggies or fruit.
So happy yiui are taking this on. love, Terces