Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DAY ONE again...

Hi Everyone,

I awoke ready to JUICE, Matthew, my husband is starting out JUICING too! There is a bet on the farm to see how many days he makes it... really I am hoping he sticks to it, it is easier to share the experience when he JUICES too!
I started thinking after writing the first post for this month,
"If I feel so good when I am juicing why don't I juice more?" I then realized that I am JUICING to stay healthy and that my week per month is creating that experience. I also realized that while I think some days, "Oh, I'll juice today", I never do. Why, because I HAVEN'T GIVEN MY WORD TO IT!", Really it is that simple, I gave my word to juice the first week of every month, and that is what I do. Something deep inside KNOWS that is the plan and I stick to it. The other times, I think about it, but that isn't the same as giving my word.
So, my question for you is; What are you giving your word to? Notice that when you have power around giving your word, you create those results!
I love you.


DianaL said...

I've struggled and failed since January in sticking to my word and starting/staying on a juice fast again. Always falling back on some false rationalization to not do it. And I'm so frustrated and disappointed with myself over that,which in itself is self-defeating I know. sigh. I'm not feeling strong but very very, vulnerable and afraid of yet another failure. I want to fast and really need to fast because I know the marvelous benefits, all around. I've juice fasted 5 times over the last 3 years, having initiated the practice with a full on Master Cleanse, which proved quintessential in losing quite a bit of the excessive weight I was walking around with. I feel rotten lately with the way my body feels, the way I look and how my clothes are fitting. Gosh. I've added on weight to the over-weight that already existed and that sucks; i'm going in the wrong direction. Lost my father recently and haven't handled that very well, turning to food and wine for the false sense of love and escape it provides. I want to find my true self again, my warrior within.
I've been strong and determined and successful before so I know I'm capable of it. I know its possible. I need to get more motivated and I'm a little lost with that.

JLEFTO said...

"We're not Worthy!" This used to crack me up in Wayne's World when I was a kid, but it's no joking matter when we realize we really don't feel worthy. I'd been feeling really sad on my 1st day on the cleanse, because yet another of my girlfriends announced she's pregnant, and as happy as I am for her, I felt a now-familiar tinge of jealousy & sadness. Aren't I, too, worthy of finding the fabulous partner, the stable income, the reliable car, & the miracle of childbirth?
As I made my I Am Worthy juice yesterday for my 1st time, I thought about all the things I AM WORTHY of, & ended up journaling them out (always helps me). Turns out I AM worthy of the self-love, the loving man coming in to my life, the healthy babies I want to birth in water, the abundance of friends, love & money, a wave of my own every now & then, sharing my creativity and voice, life's lessons, a healthy body, and all good things. I AM WORTHY. And so are you. What are YOU worthy of? Peace, Blessings, & Gratitude, Julie Lefmann

Terces Engelhart said...

Dear Diana and Julia,

Thank you both for sharing. I hear you. Here is what I want to say, the only person you can impact is YOU. So start there, take a baby step, do the JUICING one day at a time, telling your "mind" that you are on this for a week and you are going to make it through ONE DAY FIRST. Then let go. Keep yourself drinking good juice. DON'T starve yourself, that will take you out faster than anything. Find a juicing buddy... someone to support you... and really take on the practice of AFFIRMATIONS, like your life depends on them, it does! Start telling yourself all the things you would love to hear.. and if you are wanting a great partner and babies, start BEING that you are a PERFECT PARTNER and start BEING MOTHER, share mother energy with all the people in your life.
You are WORTHY, there is nothing to prove, and no place to get.
Love, T