Saturday, June 5, 2010


Good Morning to you all,

The Leadership training is under way and I am present to the power of community. I invite each of you to not only take on your own health, your own clearing, your own life but to also choose someone to be a stand for taking on their health, their clearing their life! Something magical happens.
Today I am still letting go of comparison, letting go of self judgment, the conversations come up and I simply DO NOT ENGAGE, let them float by.... practice saying, thinking, acting out something that empowers you. What do you LOVE about YOURSELF?
Be kind, be gentle, be loving.
You are amazing.
Drink plenty of water, lots of juice, get out in the sunshine for some Vitamin D and let your heart open wide and feel and express LOVE.
You are LOVED>
I love you.


Serena said...

I haven't been online for several days, so I enjoyed catching up with all the posts and comments today. Is Matthew still juicing?

This week has been easier for me than last month, although I admit to cheating a little. I find that if I don't eat a small snack before bed, I don't sleep well. I had that experience last month, also. Actually, I always eat before bed (contrary to what everyone tells me I should do), because I will wake up during the night and be unable to go to sleep if I don't. I don't have any problem sleeping with this routine. In fact, I'm out like a light. I hope I'm not encouraging anyone else to develop my bad habits. We're all the same, but oh, so different. What works for one may be a terrible mistake for another.

Perhaps, I'm not drinking enough juice. The amounts that others have listed seem enormous to me.

Thanks for being there for us, Terces. I'm sending you love for moving forward in all your endeavors. If it feels right, go with it. Otherwise, pull back.

Claire said...

I am sitting in cafe gratitude right now drinking an I Am Healthy. The violins are on, the sky is blue and the atmosphere is as light as the music. My body has quieted down from the detox earlier in the week and I'm relaxed.

Dance this morning was wonderful. I was looking forward to it all week.

Confess a bit of anxiety about the into food transition. I like the break from my usual habits!!

Ah well, the present is a better place to be at the moment, so I will return to the violins, sunshine and good vibes.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Serena,

No, Matthew isn't juicing, he stopped after day Three, he was feeling so ungrounded and we were preparing to lead the Leadership Training, so he started eating. Three days was a good stretch for him, thanks for asking.
Sounds like you are doing well. As for the snack before bed, try maybe a cup of Miso broth, or something liquid... one day and see if you can make it past the feeling of needing something to sleep! Love you. Terces