Sunday, May 2, 2010


Congratulations on another month of JUICING. How do you feel? Yesterday we went to Whole Foods in Santa Monica and bought produce and they JUICED it for us! WOW, what a treat for a traveling band of JUICE CLUB members!
I also had some grilled veggies and soup when we went out to dinner with a whole crew from the LA workshop! While I felt guilty for a moment, I surrendered to the moment and chewed them into near liquid! I also encourage all of you to make your choices and then empower the choice you make! Making yourself wrong is only more of the diminishing treatment many of us have inflicted on ourselves for years, so give that one up! Love yourself, in all ways, eat great food, exercise, rest, bathe, dance, sing, jump for joy and enjoy your life!

Our workshop is incredible and the sharing touching, Los Angeles is ready for an even deeper heart opening!

Love you all.

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