Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 5 May

Good Morning,

So many flowers, so many birds, and I notice I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.... yeah for Spring! I love the clearing away of spider webs, dust, the winter chill... the sun is out. Check in with yourself are you clear? If not, what do you need to say, who do you need to be in communication with, what can you take responsibility for? Keep yourself clear, there is so much you can take on, such a big difference you can make and it will all happen effortlessly if you are clear.
Thank you for taking this on, thank you for nourishing yourself, thank you for being someone who makes a difference starting with your own health and well being.
You are incredible and I am grateful for YOU.
Drink lots of fresh water, juice and herbal tea for the quiet moments when you sit and reflect.
Love you. Terces

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Lisa said...

Wow! The week still has days left and i feel so great! This online support rocks, and thank you, Terces, for being so inspiring! My 6 year old daughter and I are even taking on a game from sacred commerce-no complaining for 21 days! Today's day 1, Wheeeee! Thank you all and enjoy the rest of the week:)