Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Yeah, here we are in May JUICING together for the first day! WE are in Los Angeles for our Kindred Spirit workshop, after our first LA showing of May I Be Frank last night with over 200 people! This weekend is the start of building a community here and supporting all the folks down here in being that they are the source of their experience, whatever experience they are having!
So, thank you, for being here with me, JUICING and clearing the way for new ideas, thoughts and openings.
Remember you are part of a community so REACH OUT, join this BLOG and share, share, share.
I can get stuck in thoughts of "this isn't convenient this month, traveling, leading a workshop, being a guest in other peoples homes..." you get the idea and then there is JUICE TO DRINK! So don't let yourself get stopped, don't let your mind talk you out of it, simply cut up the fruits and veggies and JUICE THEM, then sit and ENJOY and BE GRATEFUL for the POWER of your word, and the nutrition that is rushing through your body supporting you in BEING all you truly are, LOVE!

Love you all.


Candice said...

I'm so happy to have this commitment and have been looking forward to this week for the past few days! I feel like I let myself go this past week with regards to making healthy food choices. It's almost like knowing I was going to have this week of juicing gave me permission to not treat myself well, I don't like that.

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm learning more about juicing, have borrowed a juicer from a friend and intend to participate next month, or maybe even tomorrow :) But I have a question, do bananas and avocados mixed in a blender count as "juice"? Can they go into a juicer? They are kind of solid, so I'm not sure-haha maybe a silly question-help! Thank you!!

Kaitlin said...

Hello! Are you considering opening a Cafe Gratitude in LA?

bikegal50 said...

Happy May Day everyone! A little person left a may basket for me on my step! How fun.
I tried juicing a few weeks ago for 5 days and it made me feel great. I am excited about doing this again for 4-7 days. I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse. The juice thing makes my life better. I am not giving something up, but rather givi;ng myself a wonderful opportunity, a chance to live more simply and enjoy flavors and tastes. I don't have a juicer, but I drink diluted yummy organic juices and teas and miso and broth. I try to hit Whole Paycheck on the days I work to get a yum-filled beet, carrot, ginger drink. Can't get much better than that!

Serena said...

This is my first time juicing and I am including smoothies as part of my diet this week. I want to know whether there are any veggies, fruits, greens,etc. that I should avoid or limit. I've been eating almost all raw veggies for the past week (probably 90%), so I feel like I'm already detoxing. I like to do things gradually.

Terces, thanks for all the love you send to us. And thanks to all the other juicers who are sharing comments on their feelings and experiences. It is so much easier to stay on course with a support team.

bikegal50 said...

Feeling good!Sitting in the sun watching the chickens, patting the dog, feeling the warm spring breezes. Making time to have a quiet space while I sip nutritious health sustaining refreshment. I worked today and it was good.

Hannah Viktoria said...

I'm thrilled and grateful to be cleansing again. I've been in a cleanse for the first week of every month since November, skipping January, and feel and look 10 years younger.

Lisa, I would not consume bananas since they are high sugar content. Serena, I recommend lots of green juices and smoothies, varying the kind every day, adding an apple or pear and/or lemon to cut the bitterness. I do not consume or minimize beets (beet greens on the other hand are awesome to add in the rotation), carrots, bananas due to high sugar content. That's just my 2 cents since one of my big challenges is candida.

Happy Cleansing!

Claire said...

So glad to be juicing this month!

Serena said...

@Hannah Viktoria--Thanks for the advice. One of my favorite smoothies, which I want to share has both a banana and cantaloupe. I know those are both high sugar. I'll try to cut back. I crave carrots, though. I do have trouble with my blood sugar dropping, so maybe a little natural sugar isn't such a bad thing for me. I just don't need to overdo it.

This was my breakfast bowl, but I've turned it into a smoothie and I absolutely love it:

Spinach leaves
Cantaloupe (not too much)
Almond milk/water

The color is a beautiful lime green. Also, instead of cayenne in my morning lemon water, I use some fresh ginger and mint leaves.

Terces Engelhart said...

HI Everyone,

There has been a re formatting issue with Google Blog, so please be patient. I so appreciate hearing from you all. REALLY.
There is a new link being sent out tomorrow.... Yeah for all of you. Keep on JUICING and thanks for the recipe... and yes, you can mix bananas, avocado etc into a juice for extra energy! Love you all. T

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for all of the support and answers :)For a first timer, it's great to know you all are out there!! :)And the recipes are so helpful too! Definitely learning A LOT this month! And feeling great and grateful!Yay! :)