Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I hope that many of you check our BLOG connection even after the week we shared together. I want to update you. Yesterday, after being cleared, I was ready to take actions in alignment with my commitment and in taking on practicing say "NO" this month. I wrote the SF Weekly and the man who wrote the article about Cafe Gratitude/Gracias Madre that misrepresented our company with incorrect information. I even asked him to print a correction. He responded and apologized and said he would reprint the correct information and retract what he has misrepresented! YEAH!
So, once again, get yourself cleared and SPEAK UP for what you are committed to.
Here is a quote that my son's father sent him today.

"follow the path of the unsafe independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot' than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost."

What can you stand up for today? I am standing for you and your well being!
I love you.
Ease into eating slowly. Keep juicing and eat mostly plant based foods and lots of GREENS! Be gentle, Be kind, and come back next month.
I will be here with you.
Love, Terces


Serena said...

I want to thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I am not juicing, so this might sound strange. Bear with me while I explain. I was a vegetarian for seven years when I was much younger. Due to a health problem (which was misunderstood by my doctors, and also, due to a lot of negative peer pressure, I started eating animal products. This continued for many years. Recently, I have again stopped eating meat because--this is who I am. I never wanted to consume animals. I abhor the way animals are exploited and not treated with respect as living creatures. I do not want to support the industries that use and abuse them.

I know there are millions of vegetarians, but I don't personally know even one. At times, I feel the disapproval of the people around me, although I don't talk about my eating habits or make a big deal out of it. So, I want to send you a heartfelt thank you for your blog about healthy eating/juicing. It is great to hear the ups and downs that others are having with their diets.

Sending you much love and gratitude,

Pilar Tsoumis said...
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Pilar Tsoumis said...

Thank you for creating this! I love it! April was my first month juicing and it was phenomenal! Reinforced that I really can do anything & everything I set my mind to! That's pretty cool! I'm eating less food & eating more consciously. Eating slower and savoring each bite. Things taste better! I'm respecting my body more with my choices. I have more of an appreciation of what food can provide. Thank you Terces, you hold a special place in my heart. I went to Landmark Education because of you (life transforming for me & all my relationships, especially the one with myself), Plenty of time is a daily treat, and your Sacred Commerce book is amazing, and that's just to name a few things : )
You are truly a gift to me, thank you!

Allie said...

Hi Terces,
I am not currently a member of the Juice Club but I think I'd like to be. I have been interested in juicing for a while now and have done a lot of research but I have a few questions. First, though, I think some background information would be helpful.
I, like you have experienced an eating disorder, and I, like you, am in recovery. I am 20 years old and when I was 18 I developed a short-lived (albeit severe) eating disorder. It wasn't long after that point that I was in Tucson, AZ at Mirasol treatment center where I spent 2 months in 2007. That was a life-changing experience in itself but since that point I have undergone several other life changes as I've been living in recovery. Which brings me to where I am now, where I feel is a place of health and stabilization. I take care of myself, #1, the best ways I know how - body, mind & spirit. I trust my body and my heart and am at a place of self-love I've never been before - it feels great!
Like I said, I've been interested in juicing as a cleanse for some time because, although I take good care of my body, there are still some toxins that make their way in there from day-to-day. Out of treatment I depended heavily on a consistent food plan to keep me stable and as time went by, I found that it worked its way into my life as a more-or-less permanent fixture. I make sure that I get so much protein, carbohydrate, fat, fruits & veggies with every meal. That being said, I also eat a vegan diet. Anyways, working with a nutritionist out of treatment and for quite some time after, I was always cautioned against juicing due to the fragile state of recovery, but now I feel like I am in such a place of stability (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually) that I feel a juice cleanse would be just what I need to bring myself to a even greater life of vibrant health and vitality.
Okay, I've said a lot, but I thought that information would be useful for you to know. The questions are more about what kind of cleanse would be most beneficial for a 'beginner', and how long you would recommend. The initial plan was to do a one week cleanse once this spring semester is over, the 2nd week of May, but I would love to hear any feedback from you as to what you could recommend.
Thank you so much for listening, for all that you bring to this world, and for being so fabulously you! I LOVE reading your Self-Examiner updates!
In much peace, love & gratitude,
Allie Sheetz

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for sharing. Really!
A couple of things, Allie, JUICING can bring up old patterns and deepen your recovery and that said, it can also be challenging so you want to make sure you have support. This ISN'T about starving yourself, or manipulating your body, IT IS about LOVING yourself and letting your body take a break and clean itself out with help from YOU. So give it a try with us and set yourself up to WIN, Take on the affirmations, exercises, share and get someone in your community to do it with you! Pilar, I love you too and Serena, welcome and not eating meat is a great gift to the world! SO thank you for that! Remember when people have their opinions they are not responding to YOU. It isn't personal. Thanks for checking in with us. See you all next month.
Love, Terces

scorpioyogagirl said...

Dear Terces,

I miss you. Your "clear"ness is brilliantly evident. Your love seems to flow without effort and brims with grace. You are an essential inspiration in my life.

Blessings to you,

Juicer said...

Creating a real world and online support network for juice feasters - reflections on my first Juice Camp

As a member of the wonderful Juice Club, I fully appreciate the importance of supporting others and allowing myself to be supported when taking on a new challenge. It is with this thought in mind that I decided to create a social event for juice feasters called Juice Camp, which was (and is) intended to deepen those connections made online through providing support calls as well as face to face meetings with people local to where I live in London, UK.I figured that if potlucks have proven successful in my city in terms of allowing me to discover new recipes and help me provide a space to help people connect, then doing a potluck for people that are currently enjoying a juice feast/fast/fest would be helpful too. It was a fun experiment, in which some things turned out slightly diffrently than I had planned - I met some very fun and interesting people along the way, as well as deepening relationships with people I already knew. So I thought I'd share my three top learning experiences with you, in case you are inspired to do a Juice Camp in your area as well:

1) Create a dicussion on already established blogs, forums, on Twitter, on Meetups and Yahoo! Groups to get people interested - I found that the biggest pull for me was from a small, more local forum, rather than the bigger ones with lots of users. Be sure to give plenty of time. I thought of the idea in late March in time for Easter, because I was inspired to use my time off in that way in a sudden and spontaenous fashion. This meant that more people attended online and in real life, and some people have decided to come during an upcoming Juice Camp instead. This is where Skype turned out to be really useful and fun to use.

2) Have lots of lovely juices on offer, as well as recipes - I chose a mixture of offering drinks as well as encouraging people to bring their own ingredients. This was lots of fun as I discovered things that I would not have otherwise thought of, such as fresh nettle, and because my format was quite unstructured and experimental, it was always good to provide for those who didn't have any juice ingredients with them at the time. I had a book with recipes in it and wish now that I could have shared those and more with people.Next time!

3) Choose two days that are optimal for you - I opened my house for nearly a whole week, each evening, which turned out to be more time intensive than I thought! This was very helpful some ways - I found out some amazing tips about sourcing organic vegetables cheaply, got a deeper understanding of kidney and liver flushing, and got so much out of being connected to members of the raw food community. I must learn to be more firm with timings and not staying up all night chatting (which I did because I was on vacation, and it was Easter) as rest is essential. By time the feast was done, I was out of time for an idea that I was really excited about (namely the Juice Bar Crawl, that was scheduled for the weekend) as I have other things to do as well. But it will all happen next time!

Happy juicing everyone. I hope you had a great week. Until next month! Raw Action will be connecting with juicers in Europe, the US and elsewhere again in June.

UK Juice Campers will also be serving alcohol-free 'mocktails' at the East Side Raw 'Virgin Martini' bar. East Side Raw is a dance/party night and workshop for people that love living foods. Our launch event on May 22 will be with Kate Magic who will be talking about Ecstatic Living. You can find out more about it here:

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