Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day THREE April

Good MOrning,
We are so happy that the sun is out and the rain has stopped. Today is a going away celebration on the farm for Aya, our personal assistant of 5 years! While there continues to be a letting go, I can now feel, the opening up to newness and celebration for both her, her finance, and ourselves! Yeah. It takes what it takes. Trust that. I am sharing as on the third day you may be struggling, you may be celebrating the ease of it all, you may be some where in the middle of either one of those. I encourage you to simply, TRUST WHAT IS SO!
Be good to yourself, be patient, be kind, be loving. That is the possibility of cleansing. The letting go of what no longer serves you and the opening up to a new support structure. It may be your thoughts, your words, your actions, your community, your diet... whatever it is OPEN UP TO THAT. What choices could you make today that really SERVE YOU, your health, your well being, you inner most DIVINE BEING.
Choose that!
I love you.

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