Friday, April 2, 2010

Day TWO April

Happy Easter weekend everyone.

Twenty four years ago I began my recovery from living with food addictions for 20 years!This is a very special time of year for me.
Just yesterday my daughter asked me "How was it that your mom made food so challenging for you?" I shared with her that it wasn't food, although knowing what I know today, we ate a pretty "unhealthy" standard american diet. It was that she merged so many emotional experiences with food. If she made me something special and I didn't eat it all, or tell her how wonderful it was, or even not want it at the time she wanted me to want it, she got her feelings hurt. Then I went into feeling badly and unable to console her. So many ways we see now, how we set ourselves up and our children up and our friends up to develop unhealthy patterns around food and drink. The good news is YOU SEE IT NOW! That is all that matters. This is the time of year for NEW LIFE, for NEW BEGINNINGS and you are now setting yourself up for a long, healthy and happy life and THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST. You can still prepare and share special foods, especialy since you now realize special foods can also be healthy foods and even if they aren't it is your presence that matters most. When you are present love can be exchanged, given and received.
So share love today and everyday, with yourself and with everyone else.
I Love you.
Happy Spring, Happy Easter.
Love, Terces


Claire said...

Terces, the way you share is inspiring. Last month I observed what emotional reactions I had to the foods I wasn't eating. It left me with the option of experiencing the celebrations and other not-so-celebratory moments. I am grateful for it all.

These last two beginning days, I have been feeling the fog of cleansing. At this point, I am walking through the paces, a little disconnected and happy to be on this journey. Over the course of the next months, I fully believe how I will deepen my understanding of my relationship with food, have fun, heal, get stronger and shift consciousness.

Tiger Beatz said...

Its getting easy for me. I like the way I feel. I actually don't desire food.