Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day SIX April

Oops, today I am facing the experience of failure. I started my day at 5am heading up to our Healdsburg location for an All Employee Meeting. Simply changing my schedule and not taking care of myself had me "guilty" of the three greatest set backs to JUICING. #1 I let myself get too tired. #2 I didn't drink enough water #3 I didn't have juice often enough... and down I went. I have been struggling the rest of the day... knowing that I just need to stop, rest, drink... and still there are so many details to care for, so many loose ends. Right now there are challenges that confront me... and still I know that what there is to do is TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. Sharing with you, has me more present to what there is for me to do!
Really, if You/I are/am not caring for ourself/myself then nothing else matters.
So, how are you caring for yourself today?
How do you let yourself down, and how long before you recognize it and pick yourself back up!
Thanks for being there. It is easier to be with my experience of failure, with YOU!
Sweet Dreams. I love you.


scorpioyogagirl said...

Day 6 always calls me into action when Terces’ email mentions sharing. I suddenly and clearly see all the places I am not sharing. AND… the CafĂ© Gratitude questions of the day were… 1. What are you confronted by? 2. What would you like to share? So here goes… after 10+ years of marriage I separated from my husband and the father of our four young children. We told them on Friday, Day 1 of this month’s juice feast and spent our first evening apart. I crashed this morning… realizing I had not once checked-in with how I was doing or what I was present to. I have spent the last six days taking care of the kids and my separated partner. This morning I was simply able to voice/share that I felt unsupported and alone. The truth in that statement was crushing and humbling. Within a few hours I could feel a shifting clarity and was present to the power of “being love” in all interactions. I felt light and loving despite a painful morning phone call. I was able to call my separated partner and acknowledge him and share the mountain of ways I was grateful for him. I am committed to his life being great and to treating him with kindness, compassion and love… regardless of how he treats me. I finally got that his responses, reactions, words, attitudes, etc mean nothing and that I can continue to hold a space for his life being great. There is such freedom and simplicity when I come from love. Thanks for the reminder to share. Thank you for the clarity that comes with juicing. Thank you all for sharing this journey with me. Love, Jency

Claire said...

Ok day six. Drank more water, had more juice, had better juices - cleansing and fulfilling. Progress happens bit by bit in the process. Today I swung into a feeling of failure and when I stepped back I realized I have just done another week of juicing, I have committed to a year of this and I needed fewer compromises (the compromise being an almond hot chocolate). Feeling pleased and relaxed when I keep in mind the long term process.

Erin said...

This is a smattering of my rambling thoughts from this week's wonderful experiment....

Wow, what a journey this has been. Watching my seemingly innate ability to beat myself up arising, then watching myself go down that rabbit hole (for not doing this "right"), then catching myself with the loving hands of my higher, Divine self (reminding myself that I'm courageous to even take this on at all).

Since I don't own a juicer, I've been making smoothies and blended soups at home. The perfectionist in me says, "You're cheating- you're not JUICING. You're SMOOTHIE-ING and SOUPING." And then, the Divine voice says, "You've never done this before. You are doing great!" This week can be filled with the self-love and compassion I need to not put something more solid in my mouth for seven days.

Days 5 and 6 didn't drink enough water, so went out and bought some prunes and made prune juice yesterday. Seems to be helping (if ya know what I mean)- feeling some relief today. Also made the most deliciously supportive tea- dandelion root, nettles, comfrey leaf, chamomile and a smidge of mint. I think that's helping, too.

Mostly, I feel SO incredibly grateful to not be doing this alone. Even though no one right near me is participating, just knowing that you are all sharing this journey makes it INFINITELY easier! Thank you, Terces, for the inspiration and all of you for the support.

Woohoo!!! Day Seven!!! We DID IT!!!!

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Jency and the rest of you.
Congratulations on choosing something! Now keep choosing it and empower yourself and everyone else. Life is a matter of choice! Can you stand in the impact of your actions and not make yourself or anyone else wrong?
I am so grateful you all shared. You are precious.
Love, Terces