Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Welcome to Day FOUR April

Happy Easter,

No matter what your beliefs might be, Spring is here and with that New Life! Today I am reminded of forgiveness. Who can you forgive today? Who can you love? Perhaps it is yourself. I know that I asked forgiveness this morning around the campfire for all those times I don't trust, for all the times I hold on and attempt to control. I forgive myself. I open up to trusting, to sharing, and to letting go.
THis weekend we are celebrating Aya leaving and stepping into marriage. I celebrate her and her choices. I also trust that it is in the best interest for all. I let go.
There are so many amazing people gathering to say good bye, congratulations, creating community. I am experiencing the joy and beauty of the season.
Thank you for taking on your life for forgiving yourself whenever you didn't perhaps make the choices consistent with taking care of yourself.
Today, start making those choices. Start leading others by living by example. Choose Self Love, choose community, know that you are an important and worthy member of a group of people committed to making a difference.
I love you.


Claire said...
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Claire said...
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Claire said...

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! Had carrot juice and chamomile tea for brunch today. Enjoyed feeling real hunger after a day of dance yesterday instead of false hunger.

About forgiveness. Spoke to a friend of mine yesterday who helps people using the Enneagram. Told her my story of the moment (as a type Four). Came to a place of forgiveness, however temporary, for judging myself. For the moment, letting go of having to "be something" or "do it right" instead of being loved for myself.

I believe the stories I tell myself about myself, about life and others. I believe them until I can go in and down, identify the story, see the aspects of myself I fear or loath or cling to ("good" or "bad") and watch them change into the 2 dimensional illusions they are. They can't help but fade. It's not easy and lots of times I stay stuck in the story. When I see clearly, I come to know nothing can stop me from unfolding As I Am, connected to Origin. I don't have to make myself up along the way.

Resurrection is the theme of the day. I hope for the continual resurrection of who I am As I Am and the surrender it takes.

Boy, that was deep. I think I'll go smell the chocolate candy I gave my kids. Namaste!

Erin said...

Hello all-
Just now getting a chance to comment, as I had a spontaneous trip to Ashland Thursday and drove back to L.A. Friday. Worked all day Sat/Sun and am just now getting to connect.

First, I am so grateful to be doing this cleanse knowing that so many others are doing it with me. It makes it 10 times easier to keep going and not give in to the temptations of delicious things in the freezer and all the goodies at the Farmers Market!

Second, I forgive myself for the vegetable soup I had on Day 1, the few bites of coconut I had on Day 2 and 3, and not drinking enough water today. I forgive myself for being tempted to stop today because it felt "too hard" and I really, really wanted one of those amazing waffles they make at the Farmers Market. Mostly, though, I'm freaking proud of myself for hanging in through "hump day" on Easter, this day of Resurrection, renewal and rebirth. I'm grateful that I'm listening to my body when it says to rest and walk gently, to not overdo and go to bed early, and be quiet. I love the gift of re-acquainting myself with my own voice yet again. Thank you for this great gift, Terces!

In honor of my gratitude, here's a poem I wrote yesterday morning. I've posted it to my blog, too, if you are interested in checking it out:

Day 3….

for a week or a day

give up
your daily unconscious

release that
which no longer
and notice the

you want to fill

but don't.

Instead, wait
wait for it to feel

even if it takes a month
or a year.

Let it be filled
from your deep
innate desire
to serve.
What will it be?

Is not important.

What is,
is that you
let the space

be there

without filling it
with your old
and choices

let a new light
from deep in the earth
from the
vastness of the sky
fill you

with inspiration
as you wait
for your assignment.

With love and gratitude... Namaste!

Terces Engelhart said...

Thank you all for sharing. A day of celebration and rain... and renewal. I love your poem, Erin, Thanks.
Love Terces