Monday, April 5, 2010

Day FIVE April

Good Morning,

WOW, what a big start to my fifth day! Had a really full weekend of serving at the celebration for Aya and now am in recovery mode and returning to normal around here on the farm. What I notice, is I am so happy so many other people are keeping me on track. This morning two of our community members arrived at the farm for their work days and I had forgotten that they too were JUICING, and I experienced myself get enrolled all over again. Just seeing their excitement, their clarity, their skin, their glow in their eyes, reminded me why I have taken this on.
So when you can't see the possibility in yourself, look into the lives of others!
Great reminder.
How can you care for yourself today? How can you relax and enjoy the process you are in?
Someone mentioned in an email that the liver flush drink I shared had them experience nausea. Yes, it will. What that drink does is FLUSH your liver, and your liver is where all the toxins are stored! So beware, if you do the FLUSH in the morning you may notice a strong reaction as the toxins are flushed out and into your system, drink plenty of water and take it easy. Your body will excrete those toxins nad you may feel them on the way out! That is the GOOD NEWS, they are leaving your body!
So, keep on sharing with me and others, you make a difference.
Thank you for cleaning up your life, your health!
Dance today, let your body move.... move through what no longer serves you!
Love, Terces


lauren said...

A headache,argh. Water, water, I can hear you saying. I'm feeling a little weaker today. I want to sleeeeep please. Just a nice couple of hours crawl under the sheets and let the rain fall outside kind of nap.
I also have to think to write a paper, and i don't feel like i have the mojo for it today. Maybe it has nothing to do with the fast, not sure. As I said before, I just want to sleep. Hope everyone is feeling energized and cleaner!

Claire said...

Today is really difficult. I look back on the week and think I have not really had enough juice or water. I am in a low, wondering how will I juice enough when the schedule seems so busy? I have been juicing ahead but not enough.

Yesterday, I mentioned forgiveness. I am not going to forget but I guess I need to take a deeper look at what's going on internally.

Lauren said she is tired. I feel tired too. More water and a nap.

So glad to be doing this (with a big sigh).

Jon Marro said...

I woke up tired. an exhausting weekend of holding space and letting go. i went for a run this morning and felt amazing,lit up, discovering new neighborhoods i'd never been through and felt the trees and greenery feeding me oxygen (totally allowed on a juice cleanse!) but now i'm back to the tiredness. i am sleepy. i will say, i do feel clear and not as distracted or prone to multitasking. that is one of my favorite things about this process. the clarity and precision of my working day. hugs to all out there. hi five on day five!

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Everyone,

When you feel sleepy, take a rest. It is ok. Your body is recovering. The energy will return and you will have more than ever before. Trust the entire process. If you are drinking water, juice, exercising and sleeping you are doing BEAUTIFULLY. I love you. Terces