Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 6 May

HI Everyone,

Thank you so much for being here. I feel so good, I notice that it is nearly effortless. I love the feeling of being light, clear, focused and I can't believe how much I accomplish in a day with no struggle! How about you? What is your experience, I would love to know.
Today I was noticing how easy it is to prepare the meals when I am not eating. I enjoy it. We picked strawberries today and I put several large bags in the freezer to use later.... and save some out for a smoothie tomorrow!
I started thinking about how I am going to break this week of JUICING as all my "daughters" are coming to the farm for some time together this weekend. Mostly I want to continue to be this present, this clear, this quiet in my mind... I love the connection and peacefulness I feel.
Share when you get a moment, I love hearing how others are doing.
I have been swimming the last few days and it feels so good to be back in a pool after the winter months... alittle sunshine always warms my heart.
Green juice is still my favorite.... and of course wheatgrass.... which I had 4 ounces of today.
Love you all.


Claire said...

Wow, I didn't read the post yesterday. And I did clear! I spoke from my truth. It was a birthday gift to myself.

For my birthday I broke my fast for lunch at Gracias Madre and a dinner with family. It was a great day. I got lots of b-day messages. I'm back on the fast and am happy for that too.

I have been doing this feast but putting less attention on it. Not sure what to make of that. Have not had enough water and am going to drink a better amount today. I will probably extend this fast for a few days with a bit of modification to flush.

Happy Happy

Serena said...

I'm officially finished with juice week--two days early. I had a small seizure yesterday and I just felt so dizzy and out-of-it that I decided to eat something. So, I had some rice last night with cooked veggies and again today for lunch. I don't think the juicing had anything to do with the seizure. I know I was getting plenty of good fuel and plenty of water, also. Anyway, I feel like I learned so much this week. I will definitely continue with the smoothies and raw veggies. I feel so much better and don't have the stomach discomfort that I experience eating cooked food. I, also, found that it's easy to carry a couple of smoothies and juice to work instead of containers of veggies like I normally do. What a surprise! I had thought it would be harder. The only downside I found was the cleanup after juicing, but I've been saving the veggie pulp to experiment with making some veggie crackers.
Thanks so much for the support. You can't possibly know how much the daily emails helped. I'm going to miss them.
With much love,

Terces said...

WOW Serena thanks so much for sharing and for caring for yourself. I encourage everyone to LISTEN to your body and trust in its wisdom. Love T

scorpioyogagirl said...

This is my fifth month juice feasting and I have been 80-100% raw for about a year and a half. The last three months I have experienced pain-free periods. Wahoo! I was wondering if the juice feasting has allowed my body that extra level of detox. Anyone else have a similar experience? Love to you all... the emails and blogs are always amazing and the comments you all share help create this beautiful and supportive community that truly uplifts my experience of life.