Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day SEVEN of February


We are off to Maui in an hour to lead our Kindred Spirit workshop so I am up early writing before we go. I want to THANK YOU all for sharing this week with me. I feel GREAT and so empowered in the face of MASSIVE CHANGE in our company and lives. So what I want to share today is really about supporting you/me in seeing how it is UP TO US/ME how we/I want to hold ANY situation that creates what experience we are having. So where in your life are you challenged right NOW? How could you take those exact same CIRCUMSTANCES and create an opening, A NEW POSSIBILITY, for yourself?
This is the practice we are so passionate about at Cafe Gratitude. It is a great practice, and certainly empowers me in all areas of my life.
Last night we met up with the crew from the farm at Gracias Madre (our newest Organic (vegan) Mexican restaurant in the Mission and it was PACKED and beautiful.
Fortunately Chandra, our District Manager, had ordered in some GREEN JUICE for me and I thought I might have a small salad. It was so interesting, the salad just did not taste good and so I chose not to eat it! Amazing that I make up I wasn't ready yet. While I feel complete with the JUICING and have finished the 5 day Liver Cleanse I was on (this week as well), food just had no appeal yet.
That said, TAKE IT EASY, easing back into solid food is an important part of BREAKING your JUICE CLUB week. Chew your food slowly and into a near liquid form before you swallow. Stay GREEN, eat those foods that are FULL OF LIGHT.
Be good to yourself.
Acknowledge yourself and all those you come into contact with.
Praise yourself fully.
Have a beautiful day today and know YOU ARE LOVE!
Love, Terces

P.S. I would love more of you to share on the BLOG about your experience. I will continue to BLOG for a while and check it daily!


Laurie said...

I love this quote and I am looking at how to use it with the challenge in my life.

How could you take those exact same CIRCUMSTANCES and create an opening, A NEW POSSIBILITY, for yourself?

scorpioyogagirl said...

It's been way too long since I shared or commented. Thank you for waiting. About 3 days into the week I added back a little solid food. I simply could not stop thinking about nut butters. I tried adding soaked almonds and cashews to all my smoothies and that helped but just didn't seem to be enough. So I felt bad about myself for a day or so and then clearly realized that definitely was not serving me. So I adjusted my goal to eat 80% juices, smoothies and raw soups... and that is where I have been this week. I also realized I rarely sit down and enjoy any of my beverages. Does anyone else get shaky, cold and weak when they stick to juices, smoothies and soups? I took on acknowledgement a few days back when you mentioned it and it felt so good. I acknowledged my parents for the 33 years of unconditional giving in ways natural and spiritual. Just thinking about it I was present to a flood of warmth. Thank you for the reminder. In a strange way this helped me soften my relationship with my own 4 children. I am often challenged trying to lovingly teach them to be grateful rather than entitled. Blessings to you all and I will see YOU, Terces, in Maui!!!

Terces Engelhart said...

remember wherever you are, that is where you are... and it is all perfect. That includes YOU.

Love you. Terces