Monday, February 8, 2010



I am in Maui, preparing for our workshop and present to the miracle of you, of us, of life, of cleansing. I am ON FIRE and lit up by the possibilities that I can now see so much more clearly. I am clear of my path, for now, which wasn't so clear before this months JUICE CLUB and I am experiencing more health and love. I am so grateful for all of you joining me and invite you back next month. No matter what your experience was COME BACK. It is the consistency of time that makes all the difference, I see that now.
SO, share with me your experience, where you got stopped, where you broke through and what you want to be acknowledged for?
Ease back into solid food, stay with raw, fresh, local and for sure ORGANIC. You do not want to put in toxins that your body just worked at letting go of.
Be kind to yourself and others and know that whatever is happening in your life right now, you are being cultured to expand your capacity to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY more often.

I Love You.

Love, Terces

See you next month... I do check this post often so you can always share here with me.


Libby said...

This is the first time I've shared during the February juice feast. That's because it was a huge challenge and I missed the mark most days. Sometimes it was lack of preparation and time that got in my way. Other times my hedonistic side got the better of me and I succumbed to other food.

I have been reluctant to share because I experienced myself as failing this past week; every day but the first I ate some solid food; sometimes it was cooked and sometimes it was not the best choice for me.

But I also know I could not be the only one who struggled. And I am practicing forgiving myself and am grateful that there are more months for me to practice this.

Thanks to everyone for the support and especially to Terces.

jennifer mcmullen said...

Libby and others from the previous post, thank you for sharing.

I have been in a contemplative mode since the February juice feast. Feeling alot of clarity and looking into thoughts without necessarily acting on them. Witnessing.

I've been thinking about this wonderful adventure called "the juice club."

I've been thinking about how cool it is that technology gives us a vehicle to cleanse together, without actuallly being physically together.

I've been thinking that what is important is the journey... how well do we connect with our own minds, bodies and hearts and with others? Isn't that really the point of the cleanse... to remove obstacles to loving ourselves and others more fully in the present moment?

And lastly, I've been thinking about how I can better support myself and others on the next cleanse.

With love,

Hisun said...

I just got a breville juicer! It's still sitting in a box, but it truly looks like behemoth of a juicer! btw, my mom, who's turning 72 tday, is visiting me for the first time in 13 yrs this wknd. She does her own style of raw: Koreans have raw powder u can mix for breakfast. I am excited to share my raw experience and I am thinking that my breville might even make it out of the box this wknd! psyched. (:

E. Chloe Lauer said...

Just stumbled on your blog via facebook. I am inspired to juice for at least three days. If I want to cleanse my liver, what juices should I emphasize?

I'm thinking lemon, citrus, and greens?

Thanks much!

claire said...

Looking forward to the March Feast! Juggling life and family - will definitely have to listen to my body....and prep!!

Dinah or Diana Ruth or Anna or Pema said...

Beloved, I would LOVE to join you when $ is available! Diana Ruth

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

I just got the Omega Vert juicer...It is so amazing and easy to use. I have been juicing and getting ready for March 1st. I am looking forward to juicing for a full week. It is so inspiring to be doing it with other people.

Terces said...

Hi Everyone,

Today is the last day of February and I look forward to our week together starting tomorrow! yeah! Thanks so much for adding your comments here... remember there are no failures... you are learning and growing and that is what counts. Who is saying you are failing anyway? Don't let that voice run your show... get on up, start with lemon water and sign on to the BLOG and share.... I look forward to hearing from you. Love, Terces