Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day THREE February

Good Morning JUICERS!
"How are you today?" Another way of saying that is "What are you creating your experience as?" Good medicine for myself today, yesterday afternoon I started realizing I was getting a head ache, I could feel my energy going deeper inside myself. I wanted to lay down and rest and yet I had so many things to get done. The more I resisted the worse the headache got. Soon, it was if I had no choice, my body took over and demanded that I rest. Once I did, I felt peaceful, had some amazing insights, felt more connected and joyous. I still had the headache, however realized that I could make that mean that my cleanse was working perfectly, that toxins were being released and this is what life looks like when it is working! Matthew, my husband, soon joined me for a nap, he too had a headache and tried to push past it while planting trees and soon realized that resting was what his body wanted also.
SO, I am sharing this to remind us all to trust our process, no matter what is on our TO DO list. Listen, there are powerful messages being communicated to you from the most powerful source... your inner guidance.
Trust your SELF!
Practice that all day today!
Love, Terces


Stacy said...

It's funny you happen to post about trusting our inner guidence today! This morning I woke up and told myself to be extra aware of myself today! I feel so happy and peaceful. :)

Suzanne said...

Warm salutations,

Terces, your post today is just perfect. I feel myself "coming down" with a head cold, and realize too-- toxins are releasing. I also listened to my body wanting to rest this afternoon- I left work 3 hours early and am happy that I took care of myself in that way, proud of me. I have learned it is wise to listen to my gentle inner guide, or she can become fierce!

I added 2 garlic cloves to my spinach, cuc, parsley, celery and apple juice- such a complexity of flavor this added. So beautiful this juice.

I like grapefruit and remember making grapefruit and garlic juice during a cleanse once. I ran across a website that said absolutely no grapefruit juice during a cleanse. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Love to all-- Suzanni

P.C. said...

This is my first comment. How could that be? Until now, I have allowed myself to succumb to the pull of being "too busy" to take the time to connect. I love my morning practice of being awakened by spirit, filled with inspiration and insight, doing my morning meditation, which usually ends with music, singing and movement, dance or yoga then writing or recording. Water is essential to my morning routine. I am a faithful lover of alkaline water, drinking up to a gallon per day.
During the cleanse, I have been experimenting with adding yummy things to my water.
Two different people blessed me with organic lemons grown at home. Thanks, Suzanne, for the garlic reminder. Today, I will make a warm alkaline water "tea" with lemon, garlic and cayenne.
I appreciate the reminder to take the time to stop, connect and acknowledge places of support and beauty in my life. Thank you for providing a space to reconnect and share the journey. Peace and Prosperity to You, Pamela