Friday, February 5, 2010

Our FIFTH day together in FEBRUARY

What a beautiful morning... it rained all night here on the farm and this morning it started clearing up. While there are plenty of puddles to walk through the air is warmer and the sky whitish blue. I was able to take off my jacket while doing the farm chores, first time this winter for that.
Last night I was awake a good bit of the night, "talking with God" as I call it. So much clarity shows up in the quiet of the night, usually in middle of my JUICING week. I love this part. I am reminded of deeper opportunities to express love, to connect with the people in my life. I am shown how fortunate I am and how gracious of a woman I am... when sometimes I can be hard on myself.
So today I encourage all of us to look for opportunities to express your love and appreciation, to create those opportunities no matter how busy you might be. There is always time for MORE LOVE. What else are we doing with our lives?
Who could you open your hear to today?
Keep caring for yourself, drink plenty of fresh water and look around you and see just how much you already have to be grateful for.
Love you so much,

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