Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here we GO again, Welcome to month 3!

Hi Everyone,
While it is still Sunday evening i thought I would start a bit early and welcome everyone on board this month. There are now over 350 of us JUICING together! Yeah!
I am so looking forward to sharing with you all this month and mostly having YOU SHARE WITH ME. Pleas sign on and share, no matter what your experience is... all experiences make a difference!
I am looking forward to JUICING and CONNECTING and LETTING GO of anything that no longer serves me!
Thank you again for taking on your health in this way! I am SO PROUD of you all.
No matter how many days you make it JUICING, no matter what you think is GOOD or not, YOU MATTER to me!
Love you. Terces
See you tomorrow morning, BRIGHT and EARLY!


claire said...

Well. Here I go. I had loads of company over the weekend and didn't prepare much except for buying some veggies and a quart of Lydia's green soup. Woke up not feeling like a champion. I process using the Enneagram (Type 4) so I noticed much in the way of wondering if I have what it takes, guilt for not preparing more and trepidation. Letting the feelings happen in order to remember one step at a time - I Am Enough!

Alison said...

I am GRATEFUL for this opportunity to be inspired by this group. This morning I read many of your past posts, while cutting and pasting the uplifting comments and recipes that will uplift me during challenges. Think I'll tape it to the fridge! I know I can (and need) to do this. Thanks Terces, isn't it a great time to be alive?

Laurie said...

I'm very excited...YAY

senecanj said...

We had an AWESOME weekend to practice Being. We participated in Gratitude After Hours in San Rafael and then spent a good chunk of Sunday in Cupertino. We choose to B E L O V E!!!!!

Thank you!

Izzy & Kat

Sarah said...

I'm excited to be getting started. Today I woke up and had warm water with lemon instead of my usual black coffee then I had a green juice, carrot/apple juice, a bottle of kombucha (please tell me if that is not allowed)glass of orange juice and had a smoothie for dinner which was made with banana, kale, almond milk, cocoa powder, blueberries and cinnamon. I am surprised that I have not been hungry all day. I feel great and am excited for tomorrow.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for sharing with us. Remember there really isn't any "allowed" , "not allowed", you get to say. Kombucha is way better than soda, for example. Some people find it helpful for digestion...
Sounds like you are all in for a great week, I appreciate you participating. Have a great day. Love, T

lauren said...

Thanks Terces. I've never done anything like this (sharing a fast with others, online to boot), it is a fun experiment.
So blog one.... I spent last weekend with a famous chef in Las Vegas,the land of decadance, eating, eating and eating some more (while filming). It was mostly all marvelous to taste but my body is really ready for a break. That weekend happened after the previous week in the desert at a retreat with a raw food chef.We were filming him too! It was Yumsome.
I started this fast two days ago. I couldn't wait. Does anyone know where to get GOOD coconuts in LA?
I feel great, enough energy etc.. and lighter already. Not so much stomach heaviness.
I miss chewing though. I love to chew. Please give the vegetarian girl a bone! lol
Maybe I will head to the co-op and see if I can find some licorice root to satisfy my need to gnaw.
Hooray to everyone doing this and I'm happy to know you are all out there, high five!