Monday, March 1, 2010

Day Two March

Good Morning Everyone,

I would love to hear how you are all doing/being, even this early into the week. Your sharing makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, for me too.
I noticed mid way through Day One that I had a HEADACHE. I checked in with some of the folks who are also JUICING and they also had a headache, so I "made up" that we are powerfully detoxing! Yeah. The thing I keep reminding myself when I don't feel that great is, "it's working", "I am being cleaned out" and "THIS TOO SHALL PASS". Usually once I realize it won't last forever, it starts to fade. Remember to drink LOTS OF WATER and keep the toxins flushing through your system.
There are many women from our community whose first language is Spanish and Eva, our General Manager at Gracias Madre, is translating the daily emails for them, Thank you Eva. One of the women lives with us on the farm and we gave her a ride out tonight after our manager meeting and she was carrying bottles of FRESH JUICE with her! She is so proud of herself and I am so proud of her!
What can you say about your experience that empowers you? I would love to hear.
Any favorite recipes you want to share?
Love you all. Thanks again for being here with me.
Love, Terces

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Claire said...

am so glad you mentioned your headache. Mine was awful! I wasn't sure if it was because I was detoxing or smelling paint fumes at work. Some of both, I suppose. My sleep was light and I feel a mixture of detox and clarity. My daily ration of emotions about the cleanse went up and down. Looking forward to today even in this downpour of a rain! Bueno!

Marianne said...

Day 2 of 3rd Month.... I am off to a great start. My body and mind feel rested. ( I've had 2 days off from work -how appropriate) I am taking time for me and making sure I bring lots of liquids wherever I go because I am loved. Thank you so very much for inspiring all of us and it feels so good to have "Community"
The best to you Terces
Much Love Marianne
One of the Juices I had was
1/2 Organic Granny Smith Apple
5 Organic Carrots
2 Big handfuls Organic Spinach
I do not have a Vita Mix yet in my life however I made a Green Smoothie of
1/2 Avocado
1/3 Organic Cucumber
2 handfuls Organic Spinach ice cubes Lemon juice sea salt with alittle bit of water It was so fulfilling that the next time I will dilute it with more water

Hawaii Dreamer said...

Hi everyone
Day one; had two green juices and one fruit smoothies.

Just found out I could make a veggie smoothie. Will try making one my Omega juicer by taking out the screen. Should be interesting.
Also had some brown rice and sprouted wheat toast. Easing into my first juice only experience.

Made my own almond milk and feel quite proud of myself. Didn't have a way to strain the almond dregs out so I let the almonds dregs settle and skimmed the milk off the top.

I take supplements and was wondering if others do while juicing.

Also wondering if anyone has turned yellow from eating too many carrots, my son said I my skin was yellow.
I did had a headache last night, but am OK this morning.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, it's helpful
Thanks Terces for your inspiration and support

Love and peace
hawaii dreamer

Laurie said...

I did great all day and felt wonderful. Then last night I was feeling emotional cravings coming on and ate a handful of nuts and felt like I blew it and would try again next month. Then reminded myself I am worthy now and that it was just a handful of nuts. Its ok to not do it perfectly.

For a yummy smoothie....oranges and a few handful's of spinach in a good blender is great.

senecanj said...

I am so grateful to read that I am not the only one struggling these first days ...I had emotional garbage floating around last night too. Went to sleep early so that I could let it go away.....wonder if the moon has something to do with this pull......

Kris said...

It is funny how I just wanted to eat something when I knew I was juicing. I threw a few almonds in my smoothie at night and made it more of a soup with juiced carrots that I put in my smoothie of 2 tomatoes, handful of Parsley, some Kale, Spinach, I had some marinated mushrooms that I was wondering what I was going to do with them during my week of juicing. I had marinated them in alittle Udos oil and tamari. I put a couple of tablespoons in of them and a half of a garlic clove. It seemed to satify my wanting to eat something. It is fun to come together with these beautiful intentions and do something for our physical bodies extending out and touching our spiritual in every dimension. Thanks Terces for starting this and sharing with us.

bikegal50 said...

I am not doing the juice fast this month, but I am inspired by everyone that is. I will do it the first week in April. Thank you for your sharing...

Terces Engelhart said...

WOW, I love that more of us are sharing. I feel so supported. Let say that when you "blow it", if you really look you are SO MUCH BETTER OFF than on any other day. This is such a good exercise in taking responsibility for whatever action you chose and then simply NOT MAKING YOURSELF WRONG! What good would that do? So thank you all. I too, when feeling hungry, come up with some savory smoothie or juice. For me if there is a bit of garlic (good for blood cleansing) and some hot spicy chili and a bit of good fat, avocado... all blended into some juice I like, I feel satisfied and can get beyond any feelings of "hunger". Also I ask myself, "What am I really hungry for?" and often it is something other than FOOD!
Where I am in my life right now is really looking and seeing what am I willing to give my word to for the next five years! What do I want my time and skills to be used doing....?
and in the meantime this month is about letting go of OLD HABITS and I am learning to say, "No", which would certainly empower me and my schedule!
I am so happy for this time with all of you.
What habit are you letting go of?
Thanks again for sharing, you make a difference in my life.
Love, Terces

Gina said...

I am very excited to be participating. It is my first time juicing and I am so grateful for the experience. I am also grateful to have the support. I don't think I would have done this yet if a friend of mine had not forwarded me your emails about the Juice Club. I reminded myself today that this is good for my body because my body did not seem too happy. I think maybe I need more water. Maybe you could tell me if what I am experiencing is "normal." Slight headache, very limp hair, less mental focus (my meditation was not like usual), eyes look shaded, colder than usual. Thanks for any insight. As I said before these are not meant to be complaints, I am extremely grateful to have this process to cleanse my body. I am also proud to have made it through 2 days and still feel strong to continue tomorrow. Thank you for the support! With Love and Joy!

Kathy said...

I cannot purchase young thai coconuts here in Vermont, only the mature tropical brown hairy type.
What am I to do! Any ideas? Can I order them to be delivered, like a carton of oranges ??

Laurie said...

It sounds like regular detox. Do you also have a white coat on the tongue?
Glad your friend forwarded you the emails

Laurie said...

Today is day three and i am feeling great. I am glad I didn't give up on myself after I choose to eat nuts the first evening. It is fun and inspiring to know there is a group of us doing this together.

Sarah said...

Good morning! I just made the thai coconut curry soup for dinner tonight and wow it is fabulous! Thanks for sharing the recipe... I can't wait for dinner!

For breakfast I had a mint chocolate smoothie...

mint leaves

cocoa nibs

Terces Engelhart said...


Let's see about Thai young coconuts.You can use the "hairy" brown ones in this way. Pike holes in the little brown "eyes" and drain out the liquid. It may be good, it may not, it depends on how old the coconut is. YOu will know, it won't taste or smell nice if it isn't. Then crack the cocount open (be careful), a good whack with a hammer will do fine. It will normally split in two. They you can scrape out the meat, it will be mature, hard, white and wonderful too! Then rinse the coconut "meat" and put in a blender. You can use the liquid if you want or just add fresh water. For one coconut you can add water to the top of your container and blend on high until smooth and creamy. Then strain the mixture in a nut milk bag, paint straining bag, or cheesecloth, squeeze until all the "pulp" is separated from the liquid. Now you have coconut milk... and if you don't want to strain you can use it as is for smoothies, soups, etc. The strained version is good for tea, or any use where you don't want any solids!
Thanks, hope this helps! Love Terces

Val Rae Jacobson said...

I'm so inspired! Check out my recipe blog for free ideas for raw soups, smoothies, juices, freezies and ice "creams"
Hugs! -Val

Val Rae Jacobson said...

Oh, check out The Renegade Health Show on line (Kevin and anne Marie Gianni) They have a little bit on their top ten favorite smoothy ingredients and the viewer comments (below their 9-minute video) have lots of good suggestions. Here's one: Cucumber, mint, borage* or arugulla* FLOWERS, raw honey and coconut water. YUM!
* get some seeds and grow it like weeds. The flowers ate oh so tasty. The smoothie is good without the flowers too. (Also, traditional asian pansies are a good substitute this time of year.