Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day FOUR March, YIpee!

Good Sunshiny Morning!

I don't know what the weather is like where you are but here THE SUN IS OUT! I am always so amazed at the difference the SUN SHINNING makes in my experience of life. I can feel the SUN SHINNING inside me as well. There is a HAPPINESS, and sense of FULFILLMENT, a HUGE COMMITMENT to tasks that pulls me into action! I love this feeling.
Today is a BIG day. This is the 3rd year ANNIVERSARY of our San Rafael store and we are off to meetings all day and then to San Rafael to acknowledge and share with our employees, managers and customers. Who could you take on acknowledging today? I love shifting my attention to what is working, to what is happening that is making a difference, to all that there is to be grateful for! What are you grateful for today?
Celebrate life as you drink your juice, smoothies or teas. Put your attention on how MAGNIFICENT your life ALREADY is.
I, for one, am grateful for all of you.
Again, thanks for sharing where ever you are in this process, each share makes a BIG DIFFERENCE to me and to every one else who reads them. You never know when what you say, will impact an other. SO share your heart out today.

I love you, I celebrate you.
Love, Terces


Laurie said...

It is sunny here also. I am growing wheatgrass and I love seeing the sun hit it as I know it is soaking up the rays and will be going into my body when I juice it. I am grateful that we are on day four, it is getting easier, I feel light, clear and joyful.

I had never put lemons in my juice before (not sure why) until I saw that you said stock up on lemons as one of the things to get. They make green juices so good. Even my 10 year old asked for another one that had wheat grass in it which is his least favorite.

1 banana
dash of cinnamon
if the blueberries are frozen it makes it like a pudding

Hawaii Dreamer said...

Enjoying the sunshine; it's very uplifting, raising my spirits.
Love the the affirmation for today. I needed that reminder that where I put my focus creates my reality.
Today I will focus on love and serenity.
My days have been up and down, but they were that way before the juice so I haven't notice any big physical difference, but am looking a the bigger picture...cleansing and renewing myself on all levels

Also reminding myself to relax my shoulders and neck as I often tense my muscles. Reminding myself that I am loved and I am fine just the way I am.

It's fun trying new veggie combos.

Having difficulty with some recipes as my blender isn't very strong. It's OK for fruit smoothies, but peters out when it comes to veggie smoothies
So I am wondering if I am getting enough fiber, so have also been eating raw veggie salads with sprouts and arame.
Have a good juice day everyone. you are loved

chandra said...

Love this smoothie

Sarah said...

Feeling fabulous today... so much more in control of the decisions I make & choices I make. This juicing is helping me to realize how strong I really am.

1 thing I made today...
Carrot Cake Smoothie...

Carrot Juice
Tablespoon cashews

KO said...

I had been experimenting with starting my day with lemon in water. I added a chunk of ginger and stevia for several days (just blend in the vitamix and pour through a nutmilk bag). Then to that I added fennel sprouts. REALLY GOOD! Today, I added cinnamon and turmeric with the fennel sprouts. I can see doing this every morning and all during the day. Very warming.

Terces Engelhart said...

Everyone is so inspiring. Yeah, Chandra joined us! I often am running around and someone will come up to me and say, "Hey, I am on your JUICE CLUB!", I LOVE that! It's like a secret club of SUPER BEINGS! I want to share since one of you commented on relaxing your shoulders... I often walk around the farm, raising my shoulders up and then letting the DROP down, stretching out the tension I carry in my neck and shoulders! There are so many exercises you can do in your ordinary activity of the day... who wants to share some of what they do? Love you all. T