Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A "Late" Miracle

Good Morning,

While the week of JUICING together is over, my insights are continuing on, so I share more today with you all.
Many of you know that I dealt with an eating disorder for over 20 years many years ago. However when I first heard the response to my question, "How can I maintain my health for the rest of my life?", and "Juice one week a month" was what I was inspired to take on I had no idea of the impact on my long term recovery. At first it brought up so many old, healed - I thought wounds and losses. I was confronted and a bit afraid of all that was coming to the surface that I thought was long past put to rest. I kept on though which for me is now 7 months of one week a month. I kept holding space for a deeper healing, more insights, more forgiveness, more love. Then just yesterday, 1 day after the week ended I noticed something new. I am having the experience that I am in the midst of a LIFESTYLE change, there is very little difference between the JUICING week and my other weeks. I can see that something has shifted, like a marriage between how I care for myself now and always. I used to experience a real BEGINNING to the week and a real ENDING to the week and now it seems to be all ONE LIFE, all MY LIFE.
It reminds me of when I realized that WORK and PLAY didn't need to be separated, that my work could be my play and my play could be my work. A bit like time alone and time with others. LESS SEPARATION is what I am present to, a THINNING OF THE VEIL in all areas of my life.
So I share.
Perhaps this is what is happening in our world, a closer connection to all of life, LESS SEPARATION.
I love you. Thank you for who you are.
Love, Terces


Aya Megan Marie said...

terces, thank you for sharing yourself so completely with your family, your community, with everyone that you encounter. my experience of you is one of admiration and deep compassion. i see you as a WHOLE person; someone who passes through trials with grace, and shares the miracles of your life. I have struggled with the separation...between who I (think) I am, who I want to be, and how I interpret the world sees me. From you, I have learned to surrender to the process of being me, as a holistic process, and loving and accepting all parts of my present self, my past, and where I am headed. Thank you, with all of my heart, for your generosity is sharing your deepest and most intimate self with so many people in a very public and accessible way. I know (first-hand) how full your life is; so many people, appointments, responsibilities, ideas, visions, and commitments. And what I love about you most is your love of humanity.

Lori said...

Thank you for sharing! I am loving reading this blog, for it is so positive and uplifting.
I too have suffered from low body image and an eating disorder in the past. Since switching my life to a mostly raw and mostly vegan, but always 100% clean, I have completely changed my way of viewing myself and life. Food is no longer my enemy. I embrace all that food has to offer. Eating "raw" has helped me tremendously, and now, there is no looking back to the long ago me. I am thankful for that.

I am new to the Juicing Club and am excited to take part in it. For the week of juicing, is it only juice or is it just a once-daily juice?

Thank you!

VerĂ³nica said...

Good night (for you);Good morning (for me).

I've found you on the blog of Jason Mraz, and I'm very happy to have done it. I'm sorry but my english isn't very good. It's very difficult for me to traslate your words; but so they are most gratifying.
I wish I could assist one of your workshops and share the light that you emanate. You are too far to me. But I promise to continue reading you in this blog.

Mil gracias y mil besos.


schalladams said...

Beautiful post Terces, and something people need to hear. It is all our life. When I stopped separating work from the rest of my life everything shifted and began to blend. It is nice to recognize that everything I do, think, and feel is my life. But it truly is something that many of us need to consciously recognize. It's the first step to deciding HOW your going to consciously live your life. Thanks for all you put out into the world.

Terces Engelhart said...

Thank you to all of you who share so openly and beautifully. It is an honor to be here together and I am grateful for all we share with one another. I love you,


Happy said...

Seeking insight and any info:

The week before the onset of my monthly period I am always on the verge of tears. Usually when I think of a certain matter in my life that is bothering me I start crying. It then becomes a challenge to remove this from my mind and think positive.
During the rest of the month I do not go through this and am quite happy and content and tend to see the good in all that exsists. Any one know of what is causing this, what I should be focusing on and if diet and/or supplements could help. I love feeling good and just don't understand why this happens very month and how I can change it.
P.S This blog is such an inspiration!!

Anya said...

I'd like to do the juicing this month. i'd like to shop for and plan for what to make every day, but I'm not sure what to include. I have the Gratitude cookbook. Should i just choose juices from there? How to choose a plan for the week? One green? One orange? One soup? Where's a sample week?


AbundantRaj said...

Love reading your blog. Very simple and straight from heart. Thank you. I would like to know more about the juicing week. How to proceed on this. Thank you Thank you Thank you.