Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Three December

Good Morning,

I want to share that someone wrote me and really made a request for more info on this BLOG, recipes etc. I believe that on the daily mailing there are links to lots of recipes, but I will check into it. I have mostly been using this portion of the blog between us to share my personal experience, as like you, I take it one day at a time. But I am happy to step back from that position and share more info rather than personal experience, if that is more helpful. So let me know.
Here is a link that could be really helpful and beneficial
If you would like to learn more about cleansing, watch Shayla Mihaly's CleanseEasy.com FREE Video Series on Cleansing Dos and Don'ts, including Why Toxins Make You Fat & Sick.

Let me know what else you would enjoy this year for support and connection.

Have a wonderful day. Love. T

One of my favorite drinks,

Grapefruit juice
Wheat grass juice (you can buy frozen cubes of wheatgrass in most heath food stores)
dash of salt
and sparking water if you choose.
Love. T


Jean said...

Thank you Terces I would love to hear more from you regarding helpful topics for cleansing, juicing and motivation/support in addition to your personal experiences as your own words offer much support for me. It is now my third month of being involved with your juice club and I'm so grateful for you being here. Although the first two months I didn't have enough resources to juice successfully for 7 days, I now have sufficient recipes to support me - although more are welcome at any time. Thank you for the cleanse link - I've just signed up for Shayla's video. This morning I've had lemon water with ginger, then pureed veggie soup (homemade of course)for lunch. I make the soup by boiling water then shutting off the heat completely. Then I add to the water, all at once, the many diced veggies (onion, garlic, brocoli, cauliflower, kale, carrots, celery, pumpkin + herbs and spices) and let the kettle sit for 10-20 minutes. After this I add one avacodo to the blender and fill the rest with the soup from the kettle and puree. That's it my prueed soup. I don't know if it qualifies as a juice, but here in the COLD Wisconsin winter I need more than cold juice.

Jenny said...

Thank you, Terces, for your thoughtful and kind inquiry regarding how to be the most supportive - how lovely and generous of you. I am knew to your juicing blog, and will be participating in juicing the first 7 days of the month! I am excited :) Today really begins it for me as I needed to buy all my local organic gifts! There are so many different fruits and veggies - and the colors are spectacular! I started my day with 5 papayas blended - soon I think I will have a kiwi and herb blend... not sure yet. I will sign up for the cleanse link, and I appreciate your offering a helpful source. I welcome anything you would like to share :) I love hearing personal experiences and other things from people who've been juicing longer than I have! I love this idea for soup, too, that Jean wrote! In Love & Light, Jenny

kris said...

Hi everyone! This is the end of day three for me and it's going swimmingly! Today I enjoyed grapefruit/apple/celery/fennel juice for breakfast, pear/apple/orange/kale juice for lunch and I am in the process of enjoying dilled cucumber soup for dinner. I feel great. My clothes are already fitting looser. Keep up the good works everyone! And to Terces question, I would answer that I like how you currently do your posts. I think you've been great about putting up recipes elsewhere and sending us websites with more information.

Jean said...

Hi Terces, Jenny, and Kris - So nice to read your comments from yesterday. Whether you know it or not just by having other people write in motivates and supports me greatly. Day four I am grateful for a computer with reliable internet so I am able to coorespond with you-all. I know it sounds simple or silly, but I am grateful for so many little things. Today for lunch I'm eating pureed potato soup - cooked red potatoes with skins, coconut water, garlic, S&P. Breakfast was pears, apple cider, lemon juice, a scoop of chia seed powder and a scoop of "Vega" brand whole food health optimizer powder. Today my attention is being placed on LOVE for my dog as I take him to the vet for surgery and nurture him back to health once he returns home.

kris said...

Hi Jean! Thank you for writing consistently too. I'm right there with ya :) Your potato soup sounds delicious! I hope your dog's surgery is successful and he is without pain.

I am just starting my day 5. Yesterday, I stuck with my grapefruit juice blend from yesterday, followed by the pear blend. I love those juices and the fruits are in season. I made raw cream of mushroom soup for dinner. I found myself being very thirsty and had some hunger pangs yesterday afternoon/evening. I drank lots of water as I think I'm either dehydrated or it's the season of life I'm in that I'm drying up, haha! I feel very clear and very peaceful. I am having insights about my life and what needs to heal next, for which I am very grateful.

Jean said...

Hi Kris, so good to hear from you on the blog - just reading your comments motivates me. Pepper (dog) had a skin lump removed and is doing fine. He slept with me on the bed last night, which I almost never allow, but he needed some lovin'. Day 5 for me as well and I'd love your recipe for the cream of mushroom soup - do you use dairy? Last night I combined the veggie soup with left over potato soup and it was great tasting. I'll have to remember to eat this combination more often. I'm new to bloging and would like to know how you got your photo to show when you leave a comment.

Today I am really craving solid, but am (so far) still liquid. I feel thinner and Oh so clean on the inside which makes me feel glad on the outside. I think my family can feel this about me too. I have 2 daughters (17 and 15 yrs)and hubby - Oh 1 dog, 2 cats, and 4fish. Again thanks for being here.

kris said...

Hi Jean! Yay for motivation and yay for Pepper and lots of animal loves!!! :D
Usually I don't eat dairy as dairy doesn't like my body, haha! Here's my recipe:

3 cups almond milk
1/8 to 1/4 cup lemon juice, depending on your taste.
1 clove garlic
1/2 cup mushrooms, your choice. I like shiitake and maitake
1 stalk celery
1/4 avocado OR 1/8 to 1/4 cup walnut oil
1/2-1 teaspoon sea salt (I leave this out when I'm on this fast)

Blend in blender and heat, stirring constantly until desired temperature, usually around 105 degrees.

Jean, I'm not good with these technological things either. I have no idea how I put up my pic. I just clicked on my homepage at blogger.com and it gave me the option of putting my picture up. Maybe you need to create your own blog page or something. I had created one years ago but never used it.

As for me, tonight was another hard night for me hunger-wise. I'm still staying true to my goals, drinking only juices and having cream of cucumber dill soup tonight. But I definitely feel as if I'm not getting enough calories. I will try to adjust the amounts of juices I make tomorrow to keep up with my needs. For now, it's late and I'm tired, so I will just fill up on water before going to sleep.

kris said...

End of day 6 for me. Today was a hard day. I really wanted to eat solid food, partly because, once again, my stomach was growling (even though I doubled the amount of juices I made), I got very little sleep last night, and I had some stress going on. But I've stayed true to the fast. It really does help to make a clear commitment and to remind myself of it when I'm tempted. It also helps when I forcibly remove thoughts of cheating from my mind. I hope tomorrow is easier for me. I really want to make it until Sunday without breaking the fast. Wish me luck!

Jean said...

Hi Kris, I don't see my day 6 comment I left yesterday - I wonder why? Did you see it? How odd. Oh well Day 7 for me and I'm sorry to say last night I ate a salad for dinner thus making my planned 7 day juice a 6 day juice instead. Kris I hope you make it through today with flying colors. I'm all on board for February.

In your email Terces you ask how the juice club supports me. Most importantly the juice club supports my overall HEALTH as I believe juicing cleanses and detoxes my body and without the club I wouldn't have the motivation, affirmations, and resources - not to mention the camaraderie.

Today I acknowledge (and told her this) the generosity my daughter demonstrates. She gives free riding lessons to many young girls and volunteers at our local coffee House's charity fund raisers. I acknowledge my daughter truely is generous with helping others. Once again Terces Thank you for juice club.

kris said...

Hi Jean and everyone! Yay! We did it!!! Day 7 is just about over. I made it through!!! This is the second time I've done juice club exactly as I'd originally intended. Today, that included bringing my own juice to this fabulous looking Afghani restaurant with my two children and my soon to be daughter in law. They ate delicious food whilst I sipped on my juice! I did buy a couple of really good looking salads to share with my husband and eat when I start back to solids.

Jean! Look at you, you beautiful woman! That's a fantastic picture. That's not what I remember the Midwest looking like, haha! And no, I never saw your day 6 entry. Maybe you hit "Preview" instead of "Publish"? Nothing wrong with eating a salad and congratulations on your juice fast! 6 days is long. Day 6 was my hardest.

I'd like to be acknowledged for my strong commitment to change and grow. And I acknowledge the amazing-ness that is Jean, because she posted so consistently that it got me posting a lot more here than I normally do :)Plus she's really nice. Anyway, congratulations to everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone again in February.

Jean said...

Hi Kris Hi everyone Hi Terces,
Wow is it already day 3 of Feb., time flies and I feel so much more pure and clear. This may sound silly but I also feel more focused not so scatter brained. Anyway I am determined to make it 7 days of all liquid veggies and fruit - no seeds, grains, dairy, or solids. I made it 6 days last month and feel like this is MY TIME.

Moonweaver said...

I am starting Nutritional Feasting for around 3 months, so happy to find this blog and read about all your experience :-)

Jillian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?