Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day ONE December

Yeah, Many of you may know that our Mission is under attack! however we are still here playing full out!
JUICING is a way to stay clear,present, empowered and alive!
this afternoon our calf was born, we are naming him UNO, born on the first of December!
I am grateful for each of you and thank you for making your lives about staying healthy and being loving!
Look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Love, Terces


kris said...

Hi Terces! I'm back for this round. I'm definitely in with you for staying clear, present, empowered and alive! Wonderful news about your new baby calf :)

Day one has been good for me, just a small headache.

Sending Love!

kris said...

Hi again. Day one and two were really great for me this time, barring that slight headache on Thursday. This time, my body seems to be doing a lot of eliminating. It's so interesting to me how fasting can affect my body, mind, and spirit differently. So this time, I suppose I was ready to release! This makes me happy because I've been carting around a lot of "baggage" for a long time, haha. I've done a lot of emotional work on myself this past year. I suppose my body is now catching up :) I hope the rest of you are doing well with your juice fast!