Saturday, December 3, 2011


Good Evening,

Had a great early start to my day on the farm before heading to San Francisco to lead our Community Building workshop.
Started with hot lemon water and then tea, lots of water and green juice and then a salad for lunch. Just felt like I needed more energy and hadn't planned well enough ahead. continued to have lots of water and actually felt great the remainder of the day.

I have green juice set up for tomorrow, Yeah!

I am grateful for this on line community. Thank you for being here.

Love, Terces


kris said...

Good for you for having the salad when you knew you needed it!

Day three was the toughest for me. I was tired and hungry. I stayed on liquids though, having tea in the morning along with an apple blend with kale. Lunch was OJ as I was busy and didn't have time to make anything else. Dinner, because I was shaky and starving, was mushroom soup blended with almond milk. My stomach was still growling later, so I made a carob smoothie with the rest of the almond milk. I slept a ton last night and feel quite well this morning :)

Jean said...

Hi I'm a first time blogger with the juice club - finally figured out how to blog too. Anyway third day I too broke down and had steamed broccoli with garlic. I am still not equipped with enough recipe resources. The email sent me the day before we started had the almond milk recipe and the coconut how to open video, but the general juice recipe link didn't open. Perhaps if help can still be given via email with recipe links (that open), my third month will be a winner. Anyway so glad to have this resource available to me as I'm a newbee at this juicing. Thank You

kris said...

Hi Jean! I'm glad you're blogging now too. It's nice to have company on this journey. I wish I could share with you a few of my raw recipe books. The juices I've got are wonderful, Terces' Gratitude book included.

It's day 5 for me, WOOT! I did really well with my energy and juices yesterday. I wasn't tired at all. Or cranky :) I had tea and green juice for breakfast, an apple/pear concoction for lunch and squash soup for dinner. I was hungry later, so I poured the juice of one orange into my carbonated water...yum! I don't think I've ever been so faithful to this juice fast before. It feels good to have success in this area of my life.

Jean said...

Just opened day 5 email and found the link the Sunny Raw Kitchen and found RECIPES - yea. Thank you Terces and all who read my yesterday's blog and for responding. Recipes, recipes, recipes. Thank you and love to all. By the way today's relaxation exercise helped me to release the tension I unknowingly held in my shoulders.

Jean said...

Kris, Hi we seemed to send our msgs through at the same time this morning - what a coincidence. Yesterday I started out with lemon juice, warm water, stevia, minced ginger, and pinch of cayenne. Made my self half a gallon and drank it throught the day. During the afternoon I went solid, but back to a liguid raw in the evening (slightly warmed) soup of pureed veggies - celery, onion, carrot, cauliflower, brocoli stems, garlic, kale and veggie broth. If you read my post I just sent previously sent you'll see not having recipes has been my weakness - but not anymore the link to "the Sunny Raw Kitchen" in today's day 5 email gave me lots of ideas. I'm so glad to have you to talk/blog with. As I type this morning I'm drinking the same lemon water from yesterday minus the cayenne pepper. And this afternoon I plan on making "The Sunny Raw Kitchen" recipe called SUNFLOWER SPROUT SOUP. I'm so glad to have recipes and you to blog with.