Friday, October 1, 2010


Good Morning,

Welcome to DAY ONE! Remember it doesn't matter if this is your first month, or 10th! You want to start where you are. Set yourself up to win. Be sure you have plenty of juice or the veggies and fruits to make your own juice. Take it easy. Be kind to yourself. For me, I am so ready to be juicing again, that I am excited about the first week of each month. In fact, last month I noticed around the 20th I was looking forward to the rest of the month passing sooner so I could get to juicing. Silly me, I realized I could just juice an extra day here or there or start early! Which I did!
So listen to your body... and remember how important water is too.

Welcome back if you are returning and all of you be sure to share on this BLOG as you make a difference for others and when you share you will deeper your awareness of your own JUICING JOURNEY.

I love you. THank you for being here.
Love. Terces

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beautiful.goddess said...

This is my second month doing the juicing. I started on the 30th of Sept. with green juice in the morning and smoothies throughout the day and evening. I did have a salad for lunch though. Today I have had green juice all day and night, and I also had some almond milk with banana. It has been a great day!