Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Three and Day Four OCTOBER

I apologize for not blogging yesterday, just as I paid for a couple of hours of on line service in the Honolulu airport, they asked us to leave on an earlier plane as ours was oversold! Yikes.. no time to share with you.
So here I am, on a borrowed computer in an amazing tree house on our farm in Maui under the shade cloth covered with vines in a light rain, catching up
Insights... well... I have had people share with me about their experience of the JUICE CLUB and am reinspired by who we are and what we are taking on together.
A woman here on the farm shared today that she is up to 3 days a month of JUICING and that feels so good to her, she was sharing this with me as she made herself some JUICE! She is getting ready to travel for a year and I was saying she could JUICE her way around the world! Don' let yourself get stopped, even if you make some necessary adjustments, keep going.
Having JUICED for a year, one week a month, I am adding one day a week to my program. Why? cause that is what my body is requesting... a day of JUICING in between the weeks to clear out and realigned... and my diet in between is pretty great... so I can tell that my body loves JUICING!
How about you? what are you learning about YOUR BODY. Someone asked me yesterday, after complimenting me on how I look, "what are you doing?" Well, the only real difference in my life is that I am JUICING ONE WEEK A MONTH and I can say that I have never felt so comfortable in my body before! I can also say that I have the best, healthiest relationship to food, eating, time, feeling..... loving, ever! So come on, JOIN US and JUICE with 1700 other people around the world and see what you see, feel, appreciate....

Thank you for loving yourself. I love you.
Love, Terces

P.S. There are still a few spaces available in our Workshop in Costa Rica in February... why not join us?


scorpioyogagirl said...

As soon as I read 'Aloha' I unexpectedly started to cry as I realized you are in Maui for Aloha Awakenings. I am present to how extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful it is on Laulima. I remember the effort and planning it took to be able to be there last February and how all that effort was me taking on how worthy I am of all things healthy, beautiful and loving. I am very clear that I have not been caring for myself in the same manner.
Two months ago my youngest sister (23) was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of stage 4 brain cancer. I have been a significant support person for her alternative care, nutrition and meal planning/prep, etc. I also decided to commit to homeschool/community school my 3 oldest children. Amidst the chaos of these blessed opportunities to love and serve I see now that I did not reorganize any space to nurture myself. Thank you for helping me get present to this.
This juice club means so much to me and in some way allows me to feel a part of the Cafe Gratitude family (I live on the East Coast) and our human family too. Thank you all for your triumphs and failures... your sharing is a gift to me.
Terces, have an amazing week with the perfect 40 or so people the Universe collected in Maui. And if the Universe decides to answer my request for Costa Rica... I will see you there.
Love to you all,

beautiful.goddess said...

This week has gone by so fast! When I went into it I was nervous, because I was a little low on money, and I had picked up some food habits (even as a raw foodie!) that were not so supportive. I didn't know if I would be able to do this. I went down to the farmers market and picked up some fresh greens from an organic grower I have bartered with in the past, so that helped me a lot! Day one was good. A bit of detoxing, but not much. Day two was very difficult. I was really craving (and obsessing about) having a carne asada burrito and a shredded beef taco! It was a very difficult day for me, but I made it through with prayer and support. The last two days have been amazing! No cravings whatsoever, and the juices have been feeding my body as well as my spirit!! I have been in the theme of simplifying my life and releasing a lot of belongings since I started with the juice club last month. Today I continue with that theme and release some more things that no longer serve me. Thank you!!!

Terces Engelhart said...

HI Jency,
I will keep you and your sister in our prayers and thank you for sharing. YOu are an amazing support person to have, your sister is so fortunate. Sending you love. We will see you in Costa Rica!
Beautiful Goddess thank you for sharing how good it feels to get over the hump and let go.... inspiring.
Love. Terces