Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Good Morning,

Yesterday was a tough day for me. My experience all day long was feeling other peoples resistance to whatever I was sharing. I found myself just wanting to give up, quit, let go... such a mix of feelings. It was not easy just to let myself have my experience. I felt so misunderstood. We went out to dinner, waiting for the holiday traffic to cease before heading back to the farm after a day of meetings in the city and I had some steamed kale and zucchini. While it tasted good, I noticed on the drive home that I felt full, uncomfortable... maybe the physical experience I was having was matching my emotional experience. Anyway, I went to sleep committed to moving through my experience and learning from it.
What I see this morning is that I am going to put more conscious energy into letting go, trusting God (over there), that while I may feel like my attention to creating what I think will be supportive of others is an expression of love for me.. it may not feel like an expression of love to others... so I can let go.
This morning I sat with Sarah, my soon to be daughter in law, and she shared that she always feels like "not enough" in my presence. I certainly am not committed to that either. I shared with her about how my love can express and she shared that she is committed to letting go of her story... the wedding is less than two weeks away!
So, I am sharing all of this so you can see that the process is on going, that JUICING is a way to support us all in clearing out everything that no longer serves us... and opening up to something new that we perhaps cannot see yet. Open up anyway.
Be gentle with your process, take it easy today, drink lots of water and plenty of juice and ease into food tomorrow while keeping your juice intake high. Sprouts, are a great reentry... chew your solid food well. Your digestive system needs some support as you add solid food.
Love yourself.
Love others.
I love you.
See you next month, please continue to share. You make a difference in MY LIFE.
Love. Terces


Jack and Annette Sommer said...

I stumbled to your blog from You Can Heal You Life web page and the Gratitude Cafe web page. Although I do believe there are no accidents and "stumbling" to your blog was guided, even directed. This happens to me often. I love that about Heavenly Father. I write in a gratitude Journal almost daily. I posted a tweet yesterday about gratitude and felt I needed something else. Thank you for bring me to know my truth, after reading your blog post. I feel encouraged, supported by your love (even though I don't know you personally) I still felt your love and desire for others to feel that love through your message. What a wonderful thing. Love is a universal language, anyone seeking, and extending love will find it and receive it from anywhere. Thank you for your devotion to helping people see their potential and inner strength. I got that from you today. What a gift.
Love to you.
Annette Sommer (West Jordan, UT)

Eloise Marcelle said...

Terces, thank you so much for supporting all of us through this process by sharing so freely of your own experiences! It really helped me make this week a positive experience.

Although I did have some difficulty committing to the fast I did my best and had a wonderful experience.

The biggest breakthrough for me was finally taking on a big project that I'd been avoiding because I imagined it to be powder keg of emotion that I just wasn't ready to deal with. Going through the boxes I haven't touched (except to relocate) since I left my ex-husband over a year ago. There is the obvious emotional baggage and then there is the more symbolic baggage of the space these boxes were taking up. I've been saying for months that I wanted that space as an art studio for myself. I'm getting a lump in my throat now just thinking about how I continue to allow him and his condemning words to control my life in his absence. Wow!

To be honest, I didn't really take on this project so much as give myself permission to begin as slowly and gently as I needed. I also gave myself permission to feel all of the feelings this experience brought up for me. By yesterday I was embarking willingly, almost joyfully, albeit still still somewhat emotionally and the space is transforming before my eyes into a space just for me in every sense.

"Part-time juicing" has been a wonderful gift and I'm excited to see what comes up for me next month when I give myself the gift of "full-time" juicing.

Serena said...

First of all Happy Birthday!!! Be kind to yourself today. You've always got so much going on, helping others feel good about themselves. I'm grateful just knowing that you're out there, spreading the love.

I haven't been able to juice for the last few months. After going vegetarian and juicing, I started having seizures. My doctor didn't think my diet had anything to do with it, but it seemed like too much of a coincidence. I tried medication, but that made the seizures more frequent and worse. Three weeks ago, after checking my lab results from some bloodwork (which my doctor said looked good), I discovered that I have a B12 deficiency. I am taking B12 and feeling much better now. No seizures, just some dizzy spells and fatigue.

It's like a miracle cure. I still can't quite believe that such a simple and quick fix can have such a profound effect. For anyone who has a neurological problem, please research sublingual B12 (methlycobalamin). And don't trust your doctor. I love my doctors. We have a good relationship. But, ultimately, we are each responsible for our own health.

Sending you much love,

kris said...

Hi Terces! I'm Kris and I just signed up for the juice week. Thanks for doing this. I am already enjoying juicing with you! ;)