Saturday, September 4, 2010



Thanks goodness for healings. Today I drove to Santa Cruz to play with and care for my grandchildren, so my son and his wife could have a little bit of time together on their 6th Anniversary. Well, I ended up stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for HOURS... the healing was I was listening to a CD that I had received in the mail from the father of my youngest son. We haven't really talked in years and for my birthday he put together a CD that had me laughing, crying, remembering, forgetting, feeling so celebrated and seen. Such a sweet healing. So, what I want to say today is DON'T EVER GIVE UP on what you know is possible. LOVE IS ALWAYS VICTORIOUS. Keep your heart open, keep on loving no matter what, it is the way to healing for us all.
Love yourself too, and nourish yourself with love. You are worthy of everything wonderful. Yes you are.
I love you.


Erin said...

Thank you, Terces, for that beautiful story. It gives me hope that, one day, I'll be able to come to a place of love and care with my second husband. (Right now, I'm gifting myself with a break from the relationship and taking loving space for myself while sending him blessings from a distance.)

I also want to share with the club members that I've been receiving the most wonderful gift from this juicing time... the much-needed gift of reconnecting with my natural daily rhythm.

I've been working tirelessly (unstoppably!) on several projects, one of which is co-producing a conference for 5,000 people in November. (I've never produced anything that big, except my 2 kids!) Getting up early, staying up late and falling asleep at the computer, not exercising as much as I want, and on and on. Being Driven.

On day one of the club, I hit the wall in the late afternoon and couldn't do any work. I felt like a popped tire. So instead of pushing through, I went to bed early and got up extra early to meditate and work in the cool, quiet dark and dawn. It was SOOO much better! I am NOT a night owl, never was... and for the last 4 nights now, I've been going to bed at a graceful hour (not nodding off at the comupter), taking time to read something fun before sleep (Three Cups of Tea right now- wonderful story) and getting up at 4:30 or 5 to start my day.

I feel like I'm back on my own humane schedule. If the rest of L.A. is up late, doing business at 10pm- let 'em. I am so deeply grateful for reconnecting with myself, my rhythm. And... I'm still unstoppable!

Laughter-Loving Stacy said...

Awww, Terces, I needed to read that today. Lately I've felt pretty lost. I picked up my Personal Gratitude Logbook and started reading again. It was a great reminder for me to just be grateful and spread love, even though things don't always work out well.


Love Inspiring Tricia said...

Hi Terces! I love the mixed CD story! I wrote a little bit about my experience on the juice feast after just moving to NYC on my website here.

Eloise Marcelle said...

What a beautiful story! After reading that how can I give up hope?

Now for the juicing...

This is my first month juicing and I decided to join the club on August 31st.

Well, I've discovered that to truly commit to this as a single mother in a fairly conservative, meat and potatoes, suburban sprawl type area I need to plan ahead for a week of juicing. Finding good organic produce takes time (and many miles). Remembering to take time to make something to drink before heading out to the carpool line or soccer practice takes time (and planning).

So I spent the first couple of days beating myself up for not getting it together enough to follow through on my commitment. Then, for a couple of days, I tried being gentle with myself (wise advice). I started congratulating myself every time I made myself a smoothie, an herbal tea, water with lemon. I let it go if I couldn't make something liquid and praised myself when I'd grab a piece of juicy fruit on the way out the door instead of crackers or a granola bar. All the time I'm planning for next month's week of juicing. Making notes of where I run into obstacles and how I can avoid them. I'm trolling ebay for a better juicer so it doesn't take so long and looking into having some fruit and veggies delivered.

Now that I'm accepting this as a process I've relaxed and I'm having fun with it.

Thank you, Terces, for all the love, light, and support. - Marcelle

SunflowerSister1 said...

I have a question for the group--is freezing "kosher" during the juice feast? I have been freezing watermelon, ripe bananas, ripe avocados, etc. and adding them to the soups, smoothies and juices. Works great! But suddenly I thought, "Does freezing damage the food or make it less desireable for our purposes?" Any answers?

Terces Engelhart said...

HI Everyone, So appreciate your comments. Yes, freezing is good... and it cools down a smoothie FAST. No worries.
I love that you are learning how to manage the JUICING... it is a change in lifestyle! Congrats on keeping going. Love you all. Terces
P.S. I too have energy and need less sleep!

Marie-Eve said...

Thank you so much, Terces, for this lovely post!We all need a little lift at times! It has been this reading for me today!
Much love!