Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi Sweet Ones,

Feeling good, stronger... that feels good too. We are starting to prepare for the wedding here in a couple weeks (300 plus people) and I ran around today picking up new sheets for some of the "family" staying on the farm in "camping" style. Also fixed up one of the little yurts we moved recently as well as a small "trailer" we made that looks like a tiny house. Hung some twinkle lights, painted a couple night stands and doors and stood back to look at my work and feel so good! I love accomplishing things!
I love that when I am juicing I am able to accomplish so much more.... crazy.
I also realized that the CD of music from my son's father was actually him giving my what my invitation said my wish was... that everyone would reconnect with someone they loved that they had distanced themselves from... he was actually giving me all I really wanted. Such a healing. I feel so full... full of love.
How about you? Are you caring for yourself, recognizing how others care for you.
I am so grateful to all of you. Just knowing you are out there supports me, and then hearing from you is such a joy.
I love you.


Donna said...

Terces- You are unstoppable! Right on!
I loved your post and could really relate... I feel so good when I accomplish a lot of things too! I My experience juicing for the first time ever this week has been challenging and a bit of a roller coaster but I am so grateful for the experience! I feel proud of myself for taking it on.
I only had juices or raw smoothies until 7pm tonight the 6th day when I chose to have a plate of blanched broccoli & tofu. At first I started to beat myself up a little for not sticking to juicing for the full 7 days but then I decided to acknowledge myself for the big step I am taking toward healthier eating instead. YEAH! Its interesting to me how my body craved something like chewing steamed veggies and tofu too. I'm feeling grateful for these healthy cravings that I'm having now as a result of juicing for 6 days.
Thanks for being an invitation Terces.
Love & Blessings,

Terces Engelhart said...

YOu are precious and I love that you are celebrating all of yourself. Love you. T