Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Good Morning everyone,

Welcome back if you are re joining us, and WELCOME if you are a newcomer! I happen to know that some folks from Cafe Gratitude are joining us for the first time, one of them is my son! So I want to make sure that you set yourselves up to win, and those of you who are pros, share more so the new folks can feel even more supported.
Remember this isn't a "diet", so don't starve yourself. Start from where you are. If you are coming off of a full diet, then take it easy, make it about being on "fluids" and I don't mean coffee and coca cola... I mean juice, smoothies, wheat grass, soup even, do what supports YOU in making a shift. This is designed to give your digestion system a break, to give your mind a mental rest, to EMPOWER YOU. So don't turn it into something you are surviving, turn it into something that supports you! If you start with a full liquid you can always cut back, and do just green drinks, another month or the last few days of this month, whatever works for YOU! You are in charge here. Remember it isn't about "cheating", no one is watching you. You are EMPOWERING YOU.
I noticed this month as I was chewing on food in Vinalhaven, where we were visiting Matthew's parents, that I was looking foward to the upcoming day (today) where I would feel lighter, clearer, less bogged down by FOOD! I don't let myself get hungry and I include plenty of water.
Be good to yourself. You are worth goodness!
I love you,

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Tiger Beatz said...

way to go mom! that was juicy.