Friday, September 3, 2010


Good Morning,

Ok, here we go, over the half way mark. Are you keeping track, waiting for the end of the week, or are you not noticing and simply creating "this is what you are drinking for now?" Curious where you are. For me, today no headaches, yeah! Got a one hour foot massage in the middle of the day when the temperatures were over 100... such a great break and so helpful in detoxing. What are you doing to support your cleanse?
We are starting to prepare for our sons wedding that is taking place on the farm on the 18th of September. I am grateful for the juicing week, as I seem to get so much more done, out of the ordinary farm and cafe chores.
Painted to night stands, picked up a new bed and tomorrow the mattress for the yurt we are fixing up for some guests... I love the ease that seems to flow during the week of JUICING. I notice I don't doubt or question myself as much. What are you noticing? Share so that others can learn and be supported by YOU.
I feel stronger than "usual".
Do you know that you are loved?
Thank you for taking good care of yourself.
Have fun, smile alot.
Love, Terces

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