Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am actually starting this tonight, the end of Day One. It is still really warm out and I can hear crickets, sprinklers, and a few frogs! I had a full and fun day. Started out at DMV because my license expires in a week, on my birthday, and this year I had to renew in person. I actually love going to DMV, because it is such a great opportunity to practice smiling at people, engaging in conversations, when normally I might just sit quietly, and attempting to "lighten" up the environment of a State office. I actually did pretty good, considering that the person who was helping me just didn't seem to want to shift his mood, but that didn't stop me. I am definitely more unstoppable when I am JUICING! I found myself so grateful that I don't work there! Today I put Vitamineral green all my juices. I am experimenting to see if I can really feel the difference using it. It is a powder and easy to blend into anything and really almost doesn't change the taste, certainly not difficult to swallow in juice. For those of you using fruit juice, try adding some, it turns your drink GREEN! Great way to make GREEN JUICE! It is available at Cafe Gratitude and most health focused food stores.
It is hot on the farm right now so I also freeze my drinks and drink them when they are slushy... it certainly makes for a treat in the heat of the day.
Remember to exercise, walk, run, rebounding is great for the lymphatic system, and of course swimming is wonderful on hot days.
I feel good. I feel strong. How about you?
What about you first timers, how was Day One? Share, it is part of the program and will support you in getting more out of the entire week experience.
I love you.
Love, Terces


OctoberRoad said...

Hello Terces and fellow juicers,

After having been in the Bay Area last month and visited your restaurants more than a couple of times, I decided to try the juice cleanse. I experienced Jon Marro doing it after he came back from Peru, so that's how I heard of it.
I'm back in Europe now tho, so I can't go to CG to pick up juices whenever I want to. But I think I'm doing just fine here. I lovelovelove making almond milk!! It is sooo good. I also love grocery shopping for veggies and fruits.
Yesterday, I started the day with fresh oj, had an almond milk-banana-smoothie for lunch and a veggie-tomato-avocado juice for dinner (gotta say tho, that I bought some organic veggie juice... but I'm blending in fresh avocado etc.).
I have to say, I feel great!! I drank a lot of water in between, which I usually don't (really) do, so that alone made me proud.
Day 2 is going great, too. Just made an almond milk-banana-date-smoothie again (I just LOVE it) for lunch and see how far that takes me... I still have a melon in the fridge and more bananas :)

And now I'm off to take a walk outside.

All my LoVE and thank you Terces!!

Antonia from Germany

Li said...

Hi!! I have a question, maybe someone out there has advice? I have zucchini I want to use. Can I juice that? Might it be better to purée it into a cold "soup" maybe? If so what would be good to add? It's really fun learning all of this stuff!! Thank you!

Tiger Beatz said...

I am confronted. The juicing is not hard. Life is challenging right now and I keep having large life changing thoughts like "What am I really here for?" AHHHHHH. I am trying to take it easy and keep going.

drjudith said...

Hi Terces and fello Juicers,
Day two evening. I am feeling a bit headachy and a little nautious. I am normally raw with a little cheating. I'll have a baked potato or rice crust veggie pizza or quinoa burger now and then. I love the juicing. I am excited about it. I would like to feel better though. This started today. Maybe I need to rebound. I don't think I want to do that this minute because I don't want to shake things up too much. Today I had lemon water this morning, then a green drink = lots of kale, broccoli, etc. For brunch I had an almond banana shake and mid afternoon I had a fruit drink. I have a cup of carrot, lemon and avacado soup for dinner. Any idea why I might be feeling this way. Oh, also I am very hot after I eat like my liver is heating up. I thought I was healthy. I'm going to keep on with this. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

Erin said...

So great to be back in the club after a three month break. Finally finding my body's rhythm after what was a scary few months of wondering if something was really wrong (colonoscopy, endoscopy, catscan...). turns out i'm simply not able to do a lot of raw foods and my body was wigging out.

Juicing, however, is FANTASTIC! I was a bit reticent to try again after all the trials but I am so grateful I listened to my body, which was ready, and said yes this month! I feel great, after having to "check out" yesterday afternoon and give myself a much-needed break, I'm full of sustained energy, even in the intense heat of Topanga Canyon.

Thank you, Terces, for creating this- I feel SO much better when I'm doing this in the company of hundreds of folks around the world. Yay TEAM!!!

sending much love and gratitude to all....

marta said...

I love love love the rejeuvenated! at Cafe Gratitude. Wheatgrass,apple juice,ginger,lemon and sparkling water. It is so yummy and I feel alive and awake after drinking it. I personally am a bit challenged from straight wheatgrass but I could drink this all day! I moved to a new place in the last few days so i treated myself to a wonderful raw food meal but manana I am back on the all juices. Yea!

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Everyone,
Let' see... yes make a raw soup from the zucchini... add some spices (the ones you like) if you want it creamy add almond milk too. I am really proud of all of you... yes, keep on going... if you "sneak" something else then just get back on the juicing. I too feel nauseous sometimes too, also awoke with a headache... I don't hesitate to take an aspirin, as a headache is so miserable ....
Love you all. Thanks for sharing. Love. Terces