Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Good Morning,

Welcome to June, While it is raining today, unprecedented at this time of year, I feel bright inside as we begin this week of JUICING together.
I actually started a couple days ago as I was having some problems with my digestion and elimination, so JUICING was my choice.
I have been thinking about how many of us are signed up for the JUICE CLUB and yet not everyone is opening their emails and participating so here is my request.

I was thinking this month it would be great for those of us who wish to continue on to RECOMMIT!
I know that old commitments for me, go stale over time. I simply am not as present as I once was to my commitment, to what had me sign up in the first place.
Juicing is one of those things in my life that I experience the benefit of, only when I am FULLY COMMITTED. Half way, simply doesn't work. That said, I am COMMITTED that
our JUICE CLUB is a powerful UNIT that is supporting one another, and couldn't help but notice that while there are 1800 people signed up, only around 500 opened the emails last month. My request is, take a moment, really look and see, are you up for JUICING one week each month and if so STAY SIGNED UP, if NOT then DELETE YOUR NAME from the list, that way there is more clarity out there in the universe about WHAT WE ARE ALL UP TO!
I am here for you and am so up for you being here for you too!
I love you.

Thank you for accepting my request, I am looking forward to seeing your name on the email and KNOWING that you are FULLY COMMITTED to participating.
Any suggestions and ideas are always welcome, this is YOUR JUICE CLUB!

Love. Terces


kris said...

Hi Terces,
Thank you for continuing to make the juice club happen. I started being committed to it in January. While I haven't been 100% juice only each time, I have always received benefits from it. This month I am more committed than ever! And will continue to juice with you for some time in the future :)This month for the first time, I am finally off of coffee!!! I know you talked about not drinking it and I've known for some time that it is harming my body. June first marked the first day coffee free with a wonderful coffee substitute. I am very happy! Anyway, here's to you and to all of us juicers this month! :D

lauren said...

Morning Terces,

I am responding to your request. I did not realize when I signed up that it meant I was committing to doing fasting with the group every month. Was that made clear and I just missed it? I have been doing it on and off and thought that was fine.
If it is not ok to weave in and out like this please let me know, I will remove my name. I want to retain the flexibility to juice when I feel it is appropriate. I have enjoyed participating when I do, thank you. I have learned about new juice combinations and 'soups' that have been delicious. I understand the impact of commitment to a course of action. I was just unaware that you wanted a monthly commitment of the members. Yay for health, Yay for eveyone who does juice club fully, and Yay for those who do it once in a while (on thier own). Juicing rocks.
Thanks for clarification on what you want for the group.

Terces said...

Hi Everyone,
Of course you can choose which months you want to juice with us, I just want to make sure that the emails and blog are helpful and that people are experiencing the benefits. You do not need to remove your name if you are enjoying the support and team. No worries, I apologize if that wasn't clear!
Do what works for you and of course I recommend the long term commitment to consistency over time! Love you all. T

lauren said...

Whew.. I enjoy being part of the ongoing juiceheads! The emails and blogs help me be aware of whether I am or am not choosing to participate that month and I get to ask myself why or why not, They help me be conscious of the experience. Even when I am not juicing the energy is supportive and the questions you pose often trigger thoughts I wouldn't otherwise ask myself. So thanks, and happy juicing. I picked some delicious big fat mint leaves this morning from the garden for tea.. ahh so good.