Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hi There,

Well how are you doing? What are your challenges and triumphants?
Here is one of mine, a big one for me, that may seem surprising to you.
Just yesterday, late in the day, when I was still not feeling that great and I started to get a bit of heart burn, I had the realization that my body needed some sprouts. I went into the kitchen and put a handful in a bowl and eat them, with a bit of lemon juice on them as well. Shortly after I felt much better and realized that I RARELY see food as my ally! Mostly for most of my life I have manipulated by body in some way with food. It might be counting calories(when I was younger), treats for something, to get me to do something I wasn't really thrilled about(oh sure I'll go do that and then stop for something or get something in that same direction along the way)... you get the idea. WOW what a wake up it was, to really start to see food as my ally, as on my side, the side of health and well being. I am still working through the insight and it is deep and powerful and still new. So I'll share as more reveals itself.
How about you?
Rained all day, a fluke for California this time of year!
Went for a foot massage... so amazing and relaxing and a great get away in the rain.
Remember to drink plenty of water and oh yes, a great "tea" is the plum paste Umeboshi with a little warm water, It is the most alkalizing food there is. A little bit goes a long way, it is HIGHLY concentrated. Available in most health food store, and also where Japanese specialty items are sold.
Love. Terces

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kris said...

Great Morning back at ya! I LOVE your insight!!! What a wonderful discovery!

My challenges are always to stay true to this juice/liquids fast. I have been doing well so far, other than the slip I shared about earlier.
I haven't had any terrific insight. Just REALLY trying to listen to my body and honor what it says, especially at night when thoughts of food come into my head. The other thing that is my path right now is to be faithful and persistent to the lovely work that sets me free. Right now that includes daily reiki on my body aches as well as asking those aches what they want to tell me, morning meditation and afternoon breathing meditation, and daily yoga of some sort. It is truly amazing how well I feel when I honor myself by being consistent with these :)

Thanks for the idea about the tea and the reminder to drink lots of water. I definitely need to do better at that!

Kris :)