Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Well, so much to share and the day has just begun. Here is what I am noticing and I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DAY TOO!
While all I have to do is skip that first meal of the first day and JUICE instead... and I notice I clean like I haven't cleaned since last month, I complete things as soon as I notice them, start what I have been stepping over all month, feel feelings I wish I felt the other three weeks of the month... am so IN LOVE, IN THE EXPERIENCE OF LOVE, LOVING MYSELF, MY LIFE, OTHERS... it's CRAZY.. and I tell myself I'll do some other day in the midst of the three weeks and I NEVER DO... WHY I ask myself, BECAUSE I HAVEN"T GIVEN MY WORD TO, like I have this year of one week a month... so If you are falling off the week, or skipping a month here or there, STOP, Just sit down with yourself and RECOMMIT. Write out your commitment, let yourself know you ARE GOING TO DO THIS... no matter what. There is so much POWER in it, promise!
I am happy to be sharing this experience with you all.
Please, share your experience with me, WRITE on this BLOG.... it makes a difference for you, for me, and for everyone who reads this.
Know you are loved, Enjoy your day.
Love your life!
I love you.


Piper123 said...

Hi Terces,
Got your email last night welcoming me to day one and I went UH OH, I completely forgot I was going to do this. This morning my usual smoothie, now I am looking through some CG recipes to go get the stuff so I am ready. Love your posts and I choose to have what you have. So I am doing what you do. Thanks for your inspiration.

pat in comox said...

Last month I had got in on the Juice Club toward the end of the week. I was finishing up a 7-day guided juice fast which I continued through Day-25.

I love the idea of the Juice Club! As a perfectionist, I was inclined to try to do something drastic, like a lemonade fast, but, on reading Terces' comments about how people might come off such a fast & indulge too much - & about being gentle with myself, I thought, okay, I'll do the juice thing. It just seems too easy, too yummy - so the daily inspiration & support help to convince me that this is still cleansing & healing.

Thanks Terces - what a super idea! I am so happy to be aboard. (I live in Comox on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.)

scorpioyogagirl said...

So grateful for the consistency of this monthly club. My community has experienced two tragic losses in the past few days and Day 1 of juicing seems to be just enough to pull me back inward... to my heart... to my center. This weekly club has become more of a spiritual practice for me. Honoring my body with sustenance that supports its highest functioning and healing. Love you all... have the best juice week ever!

Kathryn said...

Hi Terces~
I joined the juice club too then had forgotten about it like Piper123 and went UH OH too when I saw your email. My thoughts immediately went back to what I had eaten and how I had already messed up the first day. Then, I saw your words to be "easy with yourself". So true. We forget to cut ourselves some slack. So I did my best the first day. Not 100%.

I have just been learning about vegitarian and raw food diets the past few months and gradually incorporating different things into my diet. So, I thought this juice week would be a good way to kick things off.

I found it a little hard with 3 kids that I still need to cook for not to nibble but I tried the curry coconut soup recipe for dinner and loved it. So did my husband.

So looking forward to this week. Thanks for the wonderful, encouraging, gentle emails.


Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Everyone,
So great to have your contribution to the blog, thanks.
I am so happy you are taking the coaching and being good to yourself. This isn't torture or even some mild form of suffering, it is a treat to your entire system! Love you. T
So happy that you feel supported and remember loss is also a lesson in trusting the whole. You are in my prayers. Love, T