Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yahoo... Day seven and no matter where you are, trust this months process! Everything is a learning experience guiding you home to your Divine Self! See the opportunity in all of it. For me, leading the leadership course on the farm and being joined by two mother members of the JUICE CLUB was such a treat! Even though amazing meals are being prepared by someone else... I feel good completing this ,onto! I did have some watermelon fresh from the farm and enjoyed each juicy bite!
I feel healthy, strong, clear and inspired. How about YOU. Share with me, I will continue to check the blog for the next several days. meet me here.
Remember to keep on juicing while you SLOWLY add is fresh, organic foods....
Thank you for everything.
I love YOU.
Love, Terces


ferrante said...

Hi Terces, I thought I posted earlier. I guess it didn`t. It was very intense this week. I felt as you expressed earlier, dizzy,tired. Its all great. Kids are supportive as is Kat. See you soon and Thank You.

Terces Engelhart said...

you are welcome, I did receive your post, thank you! See you soon, congratulate yourself! Love, T