Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Good Afternoon,

WOW a full morning for me. Country California, the television show, was on the farm today filming for an upcoming show! I also had 7 young children, along with my two of my grandchildren.... no problem JUICING, wasn't time to eat!
Maybe the key to JUICING is keeping your life full so you aren't wondering when you get to eat again! Never quite thought of it that way before this morning!
Here is a direct link to Abundant Health, where you are being offered the special on colonics:
Juice Club Special

Here is what I am present to today.

The ease of my life. I work hard, I have a full schedule, I wear many hats... and I don't resist any of it! It is my lack of resistance that creates my experience of EASE! So, I invite you, if you have any experience of suffering to simply shift your attention and STOP RESISTING.
What does that look like? Well for me, I look for something that inspires me, motivates me, pleases me... without any evidence. For example when we get ready to travel, I usually don't want to go! There is so much that needs to be done to prepare to leave our busy life behind. We are often going to work in some other city or location and I am simply wanting to stay home. So I start thinking about some amazing bakery in either the airport or where we are going that has some unbelievable "roll", with thick crust, organic of course, all warm just from the oven... now you may be asking yourself "What is she talking about?" for me this is just something that I imagine I would love to find, appreciate when I do and enjoy as well. However I have been traveling for years and years and have yet to find it!.... and the idea of it keeps me packing, carrying my bags to the car, going through security, checking out the bakery cases in the airport... just in case... you get the idea? Do I know it is imaginary? YES! does it motivate me anyway? YES!
What motivates you? Once I am on my way and with others, something else takes over, the enthusiasm of others! But until that time the "roll" works just fine!
Do what it takes to keep yourself motivated.
I love you.

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draagonfly said...

So does this mean you "get on a roll" to get out of the house? :) haha