Monday, August 2, 2010


Good Morning,

How was day one? I heard from a few of you and am so grateful you are taking the coaching and "being gentle" with yourself. A reminder that this is not intended to be a suffering experience, it is all about health and well being. So, be well, think wellness thoughts, take wellness actions, notice your attitude and keep it on well being. What creates an experience of well being for you?
For me, it is when I am noticing and appreciating who I am, the difference I make. When my attention is there the things I do, the thoughts I have are healthy ones!
Not that the "shadow" of doubt doesn't want to sneak in and take me out, it is simply "catching" it before it has done any damage!
So, what do you appreciate about yourself?
I have added Acai to my juicing this month, I really want to experiment with it and see if I notice a difference.
Also ABUNDANT HEALTH, has generously offered, for those of you in the San Francisco area a TWO FOR ONE colonic special, please contact Shayla at: if you would like to sign up! I highly recommend colonics as a great support for juicing, and she is such a wonderful soul to be in communication with.
Love you all.
Have a sweet day of JUICING.
Love, Terces
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bhaktigirl said...

Terces, I hope you can feel how much we all appreciate YOU!!!! I've been so enjoying my kale drinks and today combined the kale with raspberries - heavenly!! quick newbie question for you - what should I do with the Thai coconut husk after I have drained the water and scooped the meat? I've heard there are chemicals that are used to treat the outside of the coconuts. I don't want to throw them in the trash, but also feel hesitant putting it in the green recycling bin. Much love and overwhelming gratitude for your work.

Ami said...

Thank you Terces for the daily emails that make me feel inspired and excited to juice! I'm blogging about it too.

This is my first juice cleanse and so far I'm loving it :)

I know you should drink juice immediately after juicing, but I was wondering if fruits or veggies lose nutrition when cut up in advance? My roomate and I chop everything up the night before to be ready in the morning but we're not sure if this affects the juice.

Terces Engelhart said...


I say do what works for you. THe amount of nutrition that may be lost in cut veggies and fruits from the night before is minimal and that you JUICE is beneficial beyond whatever nutrients you might loose. I wouldn't worry about it!
I appreciate you too and hope you know the difference you make in my life as well, immeasurable! Love, T

marta said...

I am loving juicing! There is so much variety this time of year. I mixed kale, banana, nectarine, water and vitamineral green this morning for a super charged smoothie. Here is a link to the spa for the two for one colonics! It is a perfect side dish to juicing.

marta said...

oops here is the link
Juice club Special