Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Five... on our way home!

Last night was my first day with LOTS of contact with other people. We had our managers meeting and then everyone went to Gracias Madre (our NEW organic vegan mexican restaurant) in the Mission District. While everyone ate I had our Horchata (which was delicious by the way) and I couldn't believe how easy it was to just enjoy their company. I felt so connected, so present, it was great to not be distracted by eating and really get a chance to connect with them! I love that I actually feel MORE CONNECTED not less, which sometimes is a social belief. Of course I get that food connects us, especially healthy food, and feeling so healthy REALLY provided something for me.
I find myself thinking of Thursday and how I am going to merge back into eating. I have the thought that I want to go slowly, start with salads and fresh greens. I want to STAY conscious and present most of all. And for now, I am focusing just on TODAY, on RIGHT NOW and how wonderful it feels to be clear.
SO today is about MAKING REQUESTS, perhaps a request that you have been waiting for the RIGHT time to make! Guess what, this is the RIGHT TIME, NOW!
What request can you make?
Please keep sharing, please be good and generous with yourself and let the people in your life know how much you care and LOVE them.
I love you.


Libby said...

I was having a difficult time today - feeling low-energy and also stressed by things that had to get done. When I was out doing my errands, I stopped at Whole Foods, which has a Cafe Gratitude in it, and treated myself to some juice. That gave me a huge energy boost. Also, my blood sugar was fine after I drank the juice. My blood sugar has been great all week and I have been testing a lot.

Terces - you talked about transitioning into eating on Thursday. But isn't Thursday Day 7 of the week?

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Libby,
I too had a challenging day, lots of visitors on the farm and my routine of juicing got out of whack. I noticed low energy, not feeling great and then sad about all of that. I missed my wheatgrass and simply did not drink enough good green juice. Today is going to be a new day. Yes Thursday is the 7th day... I mean Friday.... Love T