Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Be You?

Reaching the middle of the month of January and wondering how you BE? What I mean by that is "what are you thinking", "what are you believing", "what are you saying", "what are you doing", and "what's your attitude?" Those are what we call "being". We say that is what gives you your experience of life. What you are thinking, believing, saying, doing and what your attitude is, IS your life!
What I notice is that sometimes my thoughts lead me towards sadness and separation and the good thing is I NOTICE it! Once I notice it then I can actually hand pick some new thought, one that leads we towards fulfillment and connection.... Sure I can stay with my original thought, but why would I choose that? See I do have a choice! That is the good news.
So what thoughts are you choosing? Are your thoughts creating a life you love? Are your thoughts empowering you and whatever you are up to? If so, great. If not, choose other thoughts... ones that lead towards happiness.
Thank you for being YOU.
Have a great day.
Love, Terces


ieatmodestmouse said...

this was a fabulous thing for me to read today. thank you!

*Stacy* said...

Hi Terces! First, I love reading this blog. I've been reading it for a long time now and it has helped me greatly with BEING. For Christmas my parents gave me 'The Abounding River Logbook' and I am so happy to have it! My boyfriend is reading it now and will be doing the activities with me. :)

I do my best to choose BE positive and empowering thoughts. Over the past year and a half I changed the way I lived for the better by improving my physical and mental health. I am so grateful for seeing my opportunities, taking them, and believing in myself. I am also grateful for learning about you and Matt's incredible cafe, finding this blog, receiving the book and... so much. Your words have helped me on my journey and I appreciate it. Thank you for helping me see the power and heart I possess. :)

With love,


Terces Engelhart said...

WOW Stacy and ieatmodestmouse... YOU made my day. Sometimes I question myself and having a community who is appreciative makes such a big difference. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so grateful.
Slow rain today, enjoying the slowing down of Sunday.
Love to you both, Terces
Keep on sharing, we can all learn from one another!

inherview said...

Terces, your words are pure satisfaction. That's exactly what I ask myself OFTEN. Is this thought leading me into feeling my connection or am I conjuring up a moment of disconnection??? It makes ALL the difference and I'm grateful to see other's expressing the same experience. I love that we have the CHOICE right now on what thought we'll breathe life into. It makes all the difference, just knowing that I can CHOOSE a different thought, I can CHOOSE a different pattern of energy! 100% ownership!

Please keep writing :)


Laurie said...

Beautiful reminder, Thank you.