Thursday, January 28, 2010

JUICE CLUB coming soon

Hi Everyone,

Don't know how many of you will check the BLOG before the JUICE CLUB starts this month but I wanted to write as we prepare to start our second month together. Some of you are joining us for the first time and we welcome you.
Remember that being a part of the JUICE CLUB is taking on your health, your well being, your beauty, your peace of mind, your LIFE!
Set yourself up to win. You will all be receiving an email from me sharing how best to prepare for this months JUICE "feast".
So looking forward to partnering with you all. Know that what you are taking on is HEALING you, cleaning you out, preparing your body for taking better care of itself and for being happier and more energetic.
Come share with me on the BLOG, this is your time and I am here with and for you.
Talk to you soon. Grateful for all of you.
Love, Terces


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

Awesome! It's difficult for me to participate in this- I'm a college student living in a dorm. But I do collect all the juice recipes people post and once I have an apartment I can do it!

With Love,


bradley_smith1 said...

Hey, I'm not a follower, but can I get the emails at I'm very interested in trying it out! Thanks! Be love,
Brad Smith

Otter said...

Hi everyone, this is my first month and I signed up knowing I won't be able to follow the program this month, but just getting the prompts has inspired me to get beyond my excuses! Even tho I am teaching long hours tues-thurs and then flying overseas on thurs nite, I can still juice tomorrow and try to stay juicy while teaching my workshop by using Berkeley Cafe G. take out. It may not be a week, but its still a GREAT way to start the month. Thank you Terces!

Best to everyone - Otter

Cyd said...

Hello My Darling Terces!
I'm so excited this month... my new VitaMix arrived four days ago - many more options for yummy juices. Love to you and Matthew from all of us!

karlak said...

Hi Terces!

I want to do it!!!

I gave Chandra my e-mail and she said she would give it you. But here it is twice for good measure:
Can you please tell me more about it?


Rose said...

Good Morning!

Today is the first day of my fast with the Juice Club! I am so excited! This morning warm water with lemon first thing, now nursing a 16 oz jar of green juice that I made this morning-cucumber, celery, watercress, kale and ginger...YUM!!! Love being a part of this community!