Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Four Yipee!

Good Morning,

Couldn't help but notice how the sunshine was lighting up the mountains this morning just beyond our farm, maybe that is the impact of being over half way on the week of JUICING! I can see the light!
I also experienced the daily email as so helpful, keeping ME on track, a great reminder.
This morning breakfast was a little more appealing to me, found the smells from the Chiliquillos tempting, and I reminded myself of how great it feels to take a break and really tune in and clean out! I reached for my hot lemon water and found it so yummy, I added a bit of cayenne pepper to it today and loved it even more.
I also find that today since we are heading to the city for meeting and a night with our managers that I was excited by the prospect of purchasing juice from Cafe Gratitude, where there are more choices than I give myself here. That is insightful too, how come I don't give myself more options on a regular basis. I definitely tend to be happy with what is so, rather than broaden my choices....I can see that I could be more generous with ME.
Yesterday I did 15 minutes on the Rebounder and felt so good.
This morning I connected with my sister in Tennessee an we promised to get together this year, just the two of us! Who could you reconnect with? Someone you would love to be closer to and somehow something always gets in the way? How about committing to some special time with them?
Have a powerful day and be generous with yourSELF!
Love Terces


Hisun said...

can u recommend a juicer? I own a vita-mix and have been drinking 1-2 8 oz jar of green smoothie everyday for the last 1.5 years, of course rotating greens and fruits. However, I want more variety. Interested in juicing, so I can get beets, carrots, etc. Could I use my vita-mix and strain? Looking into Breville juicer now. Any advice will be appreciated. Happy cleansing! -Hisun

Val Rae Jacobson said...

Thank you thank you thank you. This has been a fabulous week so far. I'm also enjoying sunshine and juice! Wish I could send you the photos! Juice is beautiful! If you want, you can look at it too, and get recipes at:
today I had:
* Pineapple, apple, beet for breakfast and
* Celery, green apple, cinnamon, cilantro for lunch with a big leafy green salad. Oh, is that cheating? It was oil-free dressing (black current juice, apple-cider vinegar and maple syrup, just a little!)
Hugs! -Val

Roxanne said...

A day behind you, but feeling clear and GREAT! I was feeling the call of a few cravings today - so I made a really chocolatey shake to go with my other juices, teas and wheatgrass. Here's my mix:

SO love that there are these comments and posts to help keep me on track - thanks to everybody for commenting and thanks Terces for getting this going!

About me said...

Hisun - if i may...a little advice from a fellow juicer on the type of machinery. There are several consumer reports available online where you can compare the juicers out there. For me, I went for the biggest and best one - which is called the GreenStar Twin Gear - because it has two slow speed steel gears that rotate and squeeze the juice out, in stead of shredding it. This prevents the juice from oxidizing quickly (this will happen even more soon when you blend it in the vitamix). This way I can prepare my all juice for the day which is helpful if you don't have all day to be in the kitchen. This juicer can virtually juice anything, i've been juicing wheatgrass, sprouts, lemongrass and even pine needles. The only con about this juicer is the price, but for that reason I got mine used on Ebay for $180. There's a lot of them on Ebay, you just need to get lucky in winning an auction. Sometimes on craigslist you will find them, but they tend to go quickly. Good luck!!!!

Libby said...

Hisun - I have heard of people using a Vita-Mix and straining the veggies with a nut milk bag.

For me, things got a bit difficult at the end of Day 2, but I was able to satisfy my cravings with almond milk blended with (frozen) banana. Yesterday (Day 3) was very easy. I noticed that I was able to let go of things much more easily.

Today was going really well until this evening, when I got really hungry. I blended an avocado into the last portion of my Thai cocoanut soup (I am Thankful). But what I am craving are 2 things - something hard, like a carrot, to chomp into and sauerkraut.

Any suggestions?

I am doing green smoothies, nut milk, and green soup. I don't do real juice as I have diabetes and also don't have a juicer. But I am thinking of blending some carrot, celery, and cuke in the Vita-Mix and trying to strain them, just to get some different tastes.

I am pretty amazed that I have done this for 4 days so far. This is my first time "juicing", although I have been eating mostly raw most of the time for the past 4+ months.

Terces Engelhart said...

WOW I am proud of all of you! I love how we are creative and notice what we are craving and come up with something, anything that will satisfy us. One thing I do, is when I experience a craving, I ask myself, "If it isn't something to eat I want, what is it?" That often leads to some other way to feel fulfilled and it takes me inward instead of outward looking for something I want or think I need. Try it.
Tonight we had our managers meeting and it was so inspiring to share with all of them, my energy, my zest, my clarity and humor. Someone said, "I bet this is the REAL Terces!" I kept saying "You think this is something wait until you see me at Day 5!"
Keep your hearts open, keep kindness flowing and know that you are Divine and worthy of everyting WONDERFULL! You are.
Sweet Dreams. Love, Terces
P.S. I love the advise on a juicer...and thanks for the chocolate recipe too!

Marianne said...

Greetings Juice Clubbers
First Many Thanks Terces for inspiring me to participate. I've Master Cleansed/Juice Cleansed many times.
What would you suggest for folks to use if they are not moving there bowels(It started day 4 for me) I feel great!!
My comment to Hisu I do not have a vita mix (on my wish list) but I do have a Breville Juicer (I have had experience with Champion and Acme) and I really like the Breville. Easy to clean and reasonably priced.
One more question to Terces--How do we break our Juice cleanse?

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Marianne,

Remember you have lots less bulk moving through you. I sometimes take an herbal supplement by Dr Schulze called Intestinal Formula #1, especially when we travel. It is all natural and I recommend it. You can order on line at
Plenty of fluids has lots to do with regular movements as does exercise. Thanks for asking and thanks for joining us.
Happy Day Five!
Love, Terces

Suzanne Garrett said...

Things coming along ... finding new combo's of ingredients to put together... made a tasty soup in my blender of fresh asparagus, almond butter,garlic, cayanne pepper and vege broth...... (that part wasn't raw)..... but ono ! I love the warm lemon water in the morning.....Watching all the elements of taking care of myself.... very healing time. Enjoying the slowing down. Aloha, Suzie

Roxanne said...

On the juicing vs Vitamix comments here... for me, I juice when I want a good clear juice, but lately, I've really loved blending everything on HI for about a minute or two and getting all parts of the veggies really creamy. I don't strain it at all and get all the goodness. If I want more liquidy I add more water. As for oxidation, covering any additional servings in an airtight container work well as does adding an antioxidant to the mix that I'm experimenting with...