Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three

GOOD morning.

Here on the farm the weather man says it will be nearly 60 degrees today... that's warm. Yeah! How is everyone, share when you get a moment, it is so nice to be connected with others and your experience makes a difference for them as well.
Yesterday I had the insight "when you aren't taking care of yourself you can't be taking care of others either".... wow I started thinking about the general condition of health of most people on the planet and it is easy to see why the planet is being used up! I find myself taking such good care of EVERYTHING. Cleaning, clearing away, finishing projects.... and then mySELF. Really managing my experience of ME. I am feeling in the flow today, certainly breakfast is easier. I love the hot water with lemon and today I had some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with a pinch of himalayan salt, so yummy. I also like it blended with sprouts for some real green power.
Sometimes I experience it is difficult for me to "get off the farm" and into town for whatever errands there are to run, and now it seem easier to move between all my tasks effortlessly. I am appreciating that today... as our New York Times comes on Sunday and some weeks we don't collect it until Monday and it is only at the end of our road.
How about adding a bike ride today or 15 minutes on a rebounder? Something that aids in the lymphatic system cleaning itself out too? Drink plenty of water and enjoy your Sunday.
Thanks again for who you are.
Love, Terces


Suzanne Garrett said...

Hi Everyone, Well, here we are at day 3 !! Things are going along really well.I'm still amazed how often I find myself thinking about food... "I'll have some nuts... I'll stop at this restaurant for a little lunch...
wonder what I'll have for dinner?" ... and stuff like that ! This is a GREAT idea ! Thank you SO much for the suggestion.looking forward to the rest of the week and Year too. Have really just made juices and smoothie's from what i have on hand after going to the farmer's market. Aloha, Suzie

freebird said...

I am feeling so ALIVE today and it's only day three; my body is so awake and alert. The aromas in the air seem so much more distinct and I am taking the time to breathe in each slowly. I am astonished how clear my complexion is becoming! At times it is tough when my belly starts to rumble but water or teas usually help. This is such an exciting journey, best of luck to everyone else :)

Terces Engelhart said...

Yeah to all of us... I too feel the clarity and when I glance at myself as I walk past a window or mirror my experience is I look better than I think I do... So wonderful the self affirming aspect of caring for oneself. Thanks again to all of you. I love that we are creating this way of connecting and supporting one another. Remember it is okay to share your struggles as well, it is the whole journey that connects us to one another. Love, Terces

About me said...
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About me said...

Hi Terces and the rest of us! Happy 3rd day!!
I have a question...How do I prevent myself from loosing too much weight? I've lost 3 pounds in 3 days but I really can't afford to loose more because I am already skinny for my length. I feel like I am getting more nutrition than ever, the calorie count per day must be high with all my juices. So how come I am shedding so much?

Terces Engelhart said...

While I am not an expert or a Doctor, here is what I have to say about loosing weight, if you are not wanting to. Keep your liquids rich, you can add Raw Nut Milk Ice Cream to smoothies for example. Also avocado to juices, or use coconut milk. However some of the weight you may loose is simply from fluids, waste etc and you may put it back on pretty quickly once you start to eat solid foods again. Remember you can also add nut butters to smoothies to increase the fat and calorie content. Hope this is helpful. Love, Terces

Evolving said...

I was having a hard time figuring out what to eat yesterday, so, as a favor, a friend brought me the deep-fried sweet potatoes I love from the Thai food place. I had to eat some. They were fabulous. Ha. I notice, though, how sluggish I am today. I always have a problem with my energy & have known for a while that certain foods make me not feel good, but I was surprised that this specifically had such an affect. Good to notice.

Therefore... Terces... I am thinking even more about your suggestion yesterday of more LIVE foods. I've often avoided raw foods because they're hard on my sluggish digestion. But I did have my veggie juice today. I also picked up some good veggies to munch on. I also picked up some cashews & almonds to make milk out of to get my fat fix.


Terces Engelhart said...

Dear Evolving,
i have sluggish digestion too, and it used to be lots worse. More fresh foods actually helped me after a while and some cleaning out. I am someone whom needs some sort of exercise on a regular basis too. I eat "raw" foods in their simplest forms, not a lot of dehydration or processing, just plain old good fresh fruits and veggies.
I too, notice how sluggish I feel when I eat foods that don't really serve me, or fill me with energy. Great to notice, that is the first step. Congrats on choosing to take on healthier choices! Love, Terces

Anonymous said...

Hi Terces and everyone!
I'm so glad I found your blog - Tomorrow I start on a 3 day juice feast! Our first ever juicer arrived today and my body is so ready for a good rest.
My husband and I recently returned from Maui and reading your island posts have tugged at our heartstrings. We fell in love and have been plotting our return! March is my goal - my friends and family here in Melbourne Australia think I've gone mad, but I guess that can only be a good thing!

scorpioyogagirl said...

Terces... thank you for sending your loving energy out via your emails, blogs and comments. I have rarely felt such sincere warmth from a computer screen. Yesterday (day 3) was really tough for me. My energy level dropped dramatically and I found it difficult to juggle the demands of 4 young children. Rather than feeling alert and clear I felt spacey. Hmmm.

Terces said...

Hi Scorpioyogagirl,
WOW 4 children, that will keep you busy. I encourage you to involve them, no matter their ages, so they can support you too. My experience is sometimes my energy goes up and down too, I try checking in and seeing what is it I am needing/wanting. Sometimes its a rest, sometimes a walk,, sometimes something to eat, sometimes it is simply some inspiration, so keep your mind full of good inspiring things too. Yesterday I read ODE magazine and felt so comforted by hearing about people doing great things on this planet we share, I felt so full where I had been dragging a bit too...and based on your name I suspect you know that YOGA is also a great way to TUNE IN to yourself.
Hug those little ones!
Love, Terces