Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Six

Whoa, I had a tough day yesterday, Just shared in a comment to Libby that we had lots of visitors on the farm and my taking care of myself routine was completely interrupted. I missed my wheatgrass and simply did not have enough fresh green juice. I felt slow, sluggish, sad... you get the picture. What I was excited about is I didn't spend too much time making myself wrong. I simply shifted my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep to TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY and it is not going the way today went. I felt excited to get back up on the horse so to speak and take care of myself.
How are you feeling? What is your experience?
Today we are practicing apologizing... who are you going to apologize to?
Thanks again for being here with us all and congratulations on being someone who is committed to their health and well being.
Love you.


About me said...

Has anyone been doing enemas during the cleanse? I ordered mine online and am still waiting for it. I wonder what the best thing is to put in there when done at the end. Some one said wheatgrass, but I feel like that has too much sugar that might feed yeast? tips anyone ? thanks! much love jazz

inherview said...

I make whatever is arising within me OKAY. Anytime I'm spacious with myself like that, I find I can shift out of the resistant-thoughts more easily. I'll take myself into "whatever this is, it's okay, and I can shift out of it right in this next instant" and just like that the energy that's all tense within me begins to dissipate.


Alexia said...

I LOVE the Juice Club! Thank you Terces for creating this incredible opportunity. I love that it goes for a week, allowing me to have good days and not-as-good days, and to have enough time to really make a lasting impact on my thoughts and let some insights bubble up. Also, I love that it's every month, so I can really go at my own pace and let each time unfold as it should. A perfect metaphor for life!

scorpioyogagirl said...

Ahhh... I am so grateful for this juice club and all the real true support you all offer. I had a tough day yesterday too but learned something new. I have never thought of myself as an emotional eater until yesterday. In the afternoon I had a stressful phone conversation with my sister who was obviously annoyed at me. In the next hour I ate a piece of toast nearly unconsciously as I prepared dinner for my kids. An hour or so later I stopped and wondered, 'why am I unsettled/unhappy?'... it all clicked into place and I was quickly able to forgive myself for slipping on the juice feast. I smiled and chose not to see myself as less because of the interaction with my sister. Have a blessed day,

Terces Engelhart said...

Wow so proud of us all, I can hear the powerful lessons, and this is just the first month! So appreciate you sharing. As for enemas, About Me, just warm water is great, I would go easy at first. Wheat grass is a great enema, and I am sure you can find instructions on line. It is also really energizing!
Thanks to all of you for not making yourself wrong for whatever might get in your way of seeing yourself as completely successful and amazing.
I too, am feeling lots better today, however struggling a bit with COLD juice on a COLD day on the farm... I appreciate you all.
Love Terces

Libby said...

I am feeling great today. I am so excited because I had the lowest fasting blood sugar reading that I have ever had - it was like that of a non-diabetic. I splurged again and had some juice at CG.

Terces - that you so much for doing this and providing the support and thanks to everyone else who is participating and posting comments.

I have a request. I realize that there are no hard-and-fast rules as to what people can consume and I have managed to glean info from the daily emails. But it would be helpful to me (and perhaps others) if you could just say a few sentences on what your guidelines are for what encompasses juice (other than what I call real juice) for this juice feast. Perhaps before the time we do this.

Libby said...

That last sentence was supposed to be: Perhaps before the next time we do this.

Terces Engelhart said...

Hi Libby,
I think it is great for people to choose what works for them. In a week of JUICING I pretty much stick with fresh juices, mostly green. I also like Grapefruit and do some smoothies. You can incorporate yogurt and or ice cream (some might be using a raw/vegan version which I recommend) in some of your smoothies and or shakes. Of course I feel it is good to stay clear of too much sugar and certainly dairy, but that is up to the individual. It is better to start somewhere than to not start. i also love wheat grass and if it is possible encourage everyone to add it in. I drink wheat grass daily anyways. There are some great books on juicing, but mostly I think start from where ever you are and keep moving towards more "sunlight" green juices. (Kale, cucumber, celery, and lemon - my favorite).
I'll share more next month! Thanks for asking.
Love, Terces

Val Rae Jacobson said...

Loving the juicing. Loving learning how to "clear each-other" in Kansas city! I have posted some midwest ideas for juicing with local fresh winter veggies on line. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Your recently kindred spirit! -Val Rae
Raw Foods Chef
"What's not Cooking at Val's"