Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good Morning,

First of all ENJOY today. Let yourself relish in your accomplishment, let yourself get really present to how great you are and how healthy you feel! Look back over this past week and note all the insights you have had, all the lessons you have learned. ACKNOWLEDGE yourself along with all the others in your life you are taking on ACKNOWLEDGING today!
Thank you for your commitment to healing. I look forward to hearing about the difference the JUICE CLUB is making for you. I can sculpt the remained of the months from your feedback so it is important to me.
I am so grateful for each one of you! You may want to shift your "normal" diet after a week of JUICING, I can see there are things I find myself eating or drinking that I am not going to put back into my daily diet. Look and see what really serves you and what you are up to in life and eat and drink those items.
BE GOOD TO YOURSELF, you are worthy of everything wonderful.
I will continue to blog here as long as there are contributions from others and will see you next month, same place, same time.
Have a glorious January and make your life matter.

Love you all.


Suzanne Garrett said...

Terces, ThankYou SO much for this Wonder-full suggestion that we do this all together ! It has been such a journey, from thinking about food to seeing how little is needed when we change our focus. loved the taking care of me when I'd feel a little shift in energy... taking the cures from my body... not my head or emotions ! Had a few emotional eating invites, that I worked with. This really showed me a LOT ! Now welcoming the next part of being able to eat again and then to come back to the 1st of Feb.Great to begin changing and cleaning up my relationship with me... another variation of " sacred commerce" Mahalo nui, Suzie

Laura T said...
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Laura T said...

Hi Terces,
This has been a wonderful and exciting week. I got to see myself committed to radical self-care this week. And it's been fun! Yes, there were ups and downs and some "detox" symptoms but mostly I've felt great. I am committed to including one day of juice in my weekly schedule as well as doing the first week juice days. I don't want to call it a fast as I'm enjoying so many interesting combinations of vegetable juice and its not a feast really 'cuz I'm still a bit hungry ;-)
I want to acknowledge you, Terces, for being so generous and sharing this idea and supporting us with your daily emails. I wouldn't have done this without you. I look forward to next month. Thank you, Laura

About me said...

Terces, you are the best! Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people!! Today was such a breeze wasn't it? As a present to myself I made a blended face mask with green papaya, fresh aloe vera and some clay. I am going to poor myself an Epsom salt bath with some lavender essence oil and dive into bed early, just so I can wake up tomorrow morning and make...a juice!!! luv

Terces Engelhart said...

Thank you all. Be gentle as you re enter the world of solid food, I'll be in touch before next month and THANK YOU for your generosity and partnership. I know that the world we all want is aided by us taking care of ourselves and by eating closer to the earth. I love you. Terces

scorpioyogagirl said...

What a gift this past week has been. I am blessed and humbled to share it with you all. Namaste. Jency