Friday, September 2, 2011


I have NO IDEA where the summer went but we are off to Vinalhaven for our annual visit with Matthew's parents who summer there! Is it really September? I have a birthday on the 9th and am thinking about my health and how great I feel.
I fasted a day early this month as I needed to for some lab tests for my insurance application and when they took my blood pressure they said, "you have the blood pressure of a teenager!" I have always known it was low but seems to be staying there as I age as well.

Remember to drink lots of fresh water.
Again I share some things that I do regularly for my health and you are open to try them or not.
I add Vitamineral green to juices and kombucha. I take Chlorella throughout the day and ALWAYS travel with it. I also have wheatgrass or wheatgrass juice daily. I am not into just chewing it (like a cow) and then throwing it out when there is not more juice in the fiber! Don't need to worry about purchasing a wheat grass juicer that way!

Hot water and plum paste or lemon is a great way to start the day alkalizing your system and it tastes good too!

Green juice with some hot chili and avocado is a wonderful "meal".

I fly all night tonight and travel a good bit of tomorrow so won't check in again until day four, so take good care of yourselves, know that what you are doing is GOOD FOR YOU!

Here is a link to a wonderful program a dear friend of mine has put together with lots of free informational videos on cleansing. I HIGHLY recommend it to you all.

Love you,

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pat in comox said...

I love the juice club! Admittedly I do not juice at the beginning of every month, but I always read the daily 'inspirations' from you, Terces. I incorporate the juice club thinking into my life. This September 1st, I began what started out as a 92 juice feast, but quickly modified it to a juice & smoothie feast (which means I can have anything so long as I liquify it, including 'soups' made with hot water - for the cool climate of BC, Canada - & smoothies made with the water & flesh of young coconut). This means I have no sense of deprivation - it almost feels as if I'm cheating! I am on Day 29 today. I love the notion of the juice club to have all kinds of liquids - incredibly satisfying & yet I am apparently cleansing & I am losing weight steadily. Thanks so much for this life-saving idea & your commitment, Terces. I also love your links to sources, people & recipes (thru this I discovered the wonderful soup & other recipes & blog of The Sunny Raw Kitchen. Thank you, thank you & love from my whole heart . Pat in Comox BC