Saturday, March 5, 2011

Days THREE, FOUR and FIVE of March

WOW where to start, I am back... in lots of ways, To juicing, to the farm from Los Angeles, to reality... we were in LA for a few days to support the opening of the Cafe there. WELL, it was an amazing opening and we are so busy we are needing to create a new plan. We have never opened a new cafe serving this many people this quickly. YIKES, so much to take responsibility for, so much to learn and so much to trust! We are going to send down some more veterans of our company to support the new employees there. I was SO BUSY yesterday with the third day of business and then the Grand opening party that I hardly drank anything all day. I did have a green juice and tea in the morning and then water, water, water... all through the most amazing Grand Opening event ever! Jason Mraz sang, along with the Makepeace Brothers and Jessie Payo, and Matt and Avesa Love.... see video on my FB page... and then had some Jicama late at night when I was finally able to slow down and relax a bit. There were over 500 people there to welcome Cafe Gratitude into Los Angeles. So thank you all for being such a demand for gratitude.
What are you grateful for?
Today I returned to the farm, flying in first thing this morning, feeling like I had been up all night!
Had some grapefruit juice and took a nap mid day... what a treat. Just finished a warm cup of hot chocolate .. and am catching up on all my emails and this blog too.
Thank all of you for keeping on with the JUICE while I was away and I am so happy to be rejoining you.
LOVe, Love, Love,


kris said...

The opening of your LA cafe sounded soo exciting. I'm happy for you and everyone!

In terms of the email this morning, I did owe someone an apology and I did apologize. I think apologies, in addition to bringing us back into our own power, also make us vulnerable. The person you apologize to has an opportunity to attack you in a sensitive area. Maybe that's why I hold off on doing it with certain individuals. OR maybe that's why I try really really hard not to hurt other people's feelings, which causes a lot of other problems for me, haha!

I have not been faithful to this juice fast this time around. But I'm learning a ton about myself and the Universe is sending me many messages, in the form of dreams, intuitions, and people crossing my path. So the healing continues, juice or not! :)

Terces Engelhart said...

so great that you are learning and growing and you don't have to do the JUICE week "right"
Love. T