Monday, March 7, 2011


Well this wasn't my "normal" week of juicing, just too much going on.... not an excuse, just my experience! This month has certainly been juice plus some veggies and fruits! However while the week is winding down, I am going to keep going and also add into my monthly program ONE DAY A WEEK, so now my year is ONE WEEK A MONTH and ONE DAY A WEEK! Just feels right to me.
I invite you all to join me if you are so called, check in with your intuition and see what you feel.
I thank you all for your participation and for "holding space for me this month", I could feel each of you and was filled with gratitude.
I invite all of you in Southern California to go by and see the newest Cafe Gratitude, it is AMAZING!
I am happy that we are through the crunch of the first few days open and looking forward to the ongoing development of the community there.
While it rained all day yesterday this morning I awoke to WIND and clear skies!
Grandchildren are back on the farm and the chickens are drying out a bit.
Green juice tasted so delicious this morning, even though it is still cold outside.
We head to the city today for meetings and I am present to my blessed life.
What are you present to?
Love, Terces

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kris said...

Hi Everyone! Even though Terces cannot post, I thought I would try it and see if the rest of us can post. So if you are reading this, I'd suggest we go ahead and post comments here, until the blog is fixed.

My intentions are much more focused this time and, other than eating raw veggies on Saturday night, I've been juicing and, when I am really stuggling, making live soup. I've noticed I had an intense desire to eat food on Saturday night, which led to my eating a veggie "sandwich". On Sunday evening, it arose again and I made a live soup instead. Before I ate/made those things, I sat with my discomfort and noticed. What I noticed was 1. I kept wanting to hold my breath and 2. I had a fear that I wouldn't eat enough to make it comfortably through my night and 3. I think I am addicted to food. Interesting! I wonder what will happen tonight!